31 January 2013

Iron Man

Blue oversized blazer coat: RIVER ISLAND | Iron man top & leather pants: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

These are new items in my wardrobe, the top half are newly bought, the pants are still new but only because I've just pinched them off my mum (shhh!).  I am trying not to spend, really, but I could justify the top because, hello, it has Iron Man and Spiderman on it! (God forgive me if they bring out one with Batman on it...)  Plus I had a Topshop voucher, the coat, however, was a naughty purchase.  After buying the top I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not coming out of Topshop with three bags full, but it went down hill from there.  I thought 'Oh let's do some browsing in River Island', but apparently that's an impossible task for me.  It's not like I was a bit bad and bought a nice top, oh no, I bought a seventy pound coat.
In all fairness, though (heeeere I go) I've been looking for a new coat for ages, and the only ones I've liked have been in Zara, which are always a ridiculous price.  I mean, I've always intended to get one with a hood because, y'know, it's England, but apparently that's gone completely out of the window.  I currently have a black one which I always wear because it's nice and warm aaaaand it has a massive hood.  However, it's really bulky and as a result when you wear it you're pretty much hiding your whole outfit.  Annoying.  I wanted one which would look good with my outfits rather than one that covers my outfit and that I simply wear because I have to, therefore this one is pretty perfect.  The wool material keeps you warm without the coat having to be huge.
To be honest with you the main reason I even considered buying this coat is because of the colour.  My favourite colour to wear is blue, am not sure why, probably because I feel like it matches my hair colour well.  It's a bright, powerful colour without being way too in your face, you know?  I like to inject colours into my winter wardrobe as everyone tends to wear pretty dark colours to reflect the weather, don't they?
Plus, it goes really well with my new Iron Man t-shirt.  Totally unintentional.
The style is also something I really like.  It's a very simple, clean silhouette meaning it would look just as good over a dress as it would with a pair of trousers.  Winner.
Well I bloody love my new coat, do you?  (At least pretend you do so I feel better about buying it, fanks.)
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30 January 2013

Turn up the lights in here baby.

Gold quilted bomber jacket & grey marl crop top: TOPSHOP | High-waisted jeans: MISSGUIDED | Shoes: CONVERSE

I'm really liking this gold bomber jacket.  It is quite an unusual piece and, erm, three sizes too big, but hey!  You win some you lose some.  Gold isn't a colour I wear, really, except in jewellery, but I do have a skirt in nearly this exact same material, so I thought it only made sense to buy the jacket too.  I haven't worn them together, but it's something I'm planning on doing pretty soon... Maybe it's a bad idea as they're both pretty 'out there' pieces on their own as it is, or maybe that's what will make them work so well together.  Am excited.
I thought the jacket would go great with this outfit as the jeans are the crop top are both quite simple items so they can be easily dressed up.  The crop top is a new buy which I bought knowing it would go well with these jeans, I think the midriff is one of the more flattering sections of your body to show off which is why it's like these jeans were sent from fashion heaven.  The Topshop ones look amazing too but I can't afford them at the moment, maybe some time in the distant future...
So I've spent my day writing up my '50 Facts' post, I've been thinking of them over the last few days and I finally managed fifty.  It's not that fifty things is a lot about one person but I'm not very good at thinking on the spot and it's better if I let them come to me.  I'm also going to do a video on it so I'll put them at the same time, maybe tomorrow.  I plan to video a few things tomorrow, including a haul too.  Hopefully the weather will be okay for some outfit photos too, I much prefer outdoor pictures.  I love having a blog, it makes my days feel much more productive when I'm doing bloggy-related stuff.
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Wishful Wednesday

1. Origami cotton tee £20 SELECTED | 2. Jacquard pattern top £39.99 ZARA | 3. Black contrast sleeve sweatshirt dress £38 RIVER ISLAND | 4. Shiny nylon backpack £40 AMERICAN APPAREL via ASOS | 5. 'Kapow' sweat crop top £15 FASHION UNION | 6. Blue lace bra £9.99 H&M | 7. Lion head chunky necklace £18 ASOS | 8. Neon yellow jumper £21 GLAMOROUS |

1. I spotted this top on ASOS and then decided to look at more of their stuff, I haven't heard of them before now but they have some really nice things!  This top is kind of lovely.
2. I saw this in store the other day and thought 'Yessss' and then I saw the price tag and thought 'Nooo...', but hey, I can still look at it and pretend.
3. This is amazing, maaaan.  So cool with a beanie hat and some Converse, with or without tights.  Please get in my life.  *adds to birthday wishlist*
4. I've recently discovered I want to invest in a backpack, I'm so over handbags and feel a little too girlie holding mine, which now is apparently something I don't like...
5. 'Kapow' slogan tops are pretty much everywhere at the moment, and this is my favourite which I've seen.  The crop top style would make it go so well with my high waisted jeans.
6. I am a woman, therefore I like pretty underwear.  The end.
7. I would wear this with a plain tee and a bomber jacket.  Parfait.
8. Neon is something I don't shy away from and think, when worn right, it can look amazing.  I would wear it with this skirt I very recently purchased and the sleeves rolled up.
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29 January 2013

On my own, pretending he's beside me

Sport top: TOPSHOP | Red 'New York' hat: RIVER ISLAND | Camo skinny trousers: ZARA | Shoes: CONVERSE

Excuse the silly face expression, it was really frickin' cold.
Ohhhhh new things alert! This top is what I showed you a few days ago when I was telling you how pleased I was with it.  It has a cool, street edge vibe and the boyfriend fit isn't something I tend to go for but I really like that about the top.  I also think it's cool because of the different material of the '86'.
These camo pants are something I wanted ever since they first came online on Zara.  I came extremely close to buying them numerous times but they kept selling out or not being available in my size.  However, fate must have favoured me this time as after I'd given up on them, I found them in the sale for a mere eighteen pounds, and they were in my size!  They were on my door step a week later.
The print goes extremely well with the monochrome colours of the t-shirt, and the baggier the fit of my top half the tighter I have to go on the bottom half (it's like an unwritten rule), so clearly these pants are very tight.
This hat is one of my favourites at the moment and it gives a Rihanna/Rita Ora feel to any outfit, which is always good in my books.  It offers the perfect injection of a bright colour to this look and goes perfectly with my lipstick.  Aw yeahhh.
Hope you're all having a nice week so far!  Mine's been rubbish 'cause, y'know, uni... Blehhhhh.  But fortunately the weekend starts for me on Tuesday nights, so YAY.  I plan to spend the rest of the weekend reading books and magazines and watching shizzle.  Speaking of which, I lost my 'Girls' virginity last night.  I've only watched the first episode but I know already I'm gonna really like it and probably watch all of the available episodes pretty quickly.  What are your favourite series to watch?  There's so many on my 'to watch' list!  Finish Dexter, catch up with 'The Vampire Diaries', start 'Homeland' and 'Breaking Bad', oh and 'True Blood!'... As I said, there's a lot.
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27 January 2013

Sunday sum up

1. New top! | 2. Mmmm TOAST! | 3. Taking random pictures in lecture.

4. OOTD. | 5. 3am reading. | 6. I was at the front!

7. Waiting... | 8. Mum and I went to see Les Mis! | 9. New ink.

10. New favourite dress. | 11. Rise and shine... | 12. Snowww!

13. OOTD. | 14. Quite deep yanno. | 15. ASOS lady even comes on Sundays!  Bought this skirt for Paris.

16. Sundays = no-make-up-days. | 17. Am a sexy bitchhh. | 18. En route back to Manchester.

19. OOTD. | 20. Couldn't afford this, buuut I bought it anyway. Oh. | 21. In the Arndale.

22. Checking I have enough pasta for tea. | 23. Rock n' roll baby. | 24. New t-shirt.

26 January 2013

$ All I see is dollar signzzz $

Gold quilted bomber jacket: TOPSHOP | Red 'New York' hat: RIVER ISLAND | White fishnet top: FOREVER 21 | Black dungarees suit: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

A dungarees: like a onesie, for daytime.
Dungarees are pretty much everywhere it the moment, in several different forms: dresses, shorts or the full suit.  These are also in a variety of fabrics, from leather to velvet.  I bought a dungarees denim dress from Topshop a while ago which has featured on my blog numerous times, and since wearing that I've been wanting to get my hands on a pants one.  Luckily for me, they've been dropping into a few stores recently, ASOS and Topshop mostly from what I've seen, and out of all of them this one was my favourite.  ASOS also did a similar one in a faux leather material, which was super cool as well, but that sold out and plus it was a little more expensive, so I went for this, which feels a bit denimy but isn't...
I added it to my wishlist as soon as I saw it online a few weeks ago but didn't take the plunge due to the £45 price tag, which I couldn't afford, but when has not being able to afford things ever stopped me before?  Exactly... After seeing it on a few blogs, including 'Into the Fold' and 'NRC', I decided to just go for it and added it to my basket, and to my door it came a few days later.
I don't know why or where my inspiration come from but whilst it was on my way I decided I wanted a white fishnet top to go with it.  Now, a bit later on, I think I could have subconciously been thinking about Rihanna's look on 'Styled to Rock'.  I went on search for the perfect fishnet top, which surprisingly not many places sell, but much to my pleasure a few days later I spotted this one 'La Vagabond Dame'.  I've never ordered from Forever 21 before and for some reason I suspected the delivery would be as bad as H&M, but I was wrong and it arrived very quickly.
Today is the first time I've worn them together and I think they look perfect with each other and I'm pretty sure I have fallen in love with this outfit.  The bomber jacket and the beanie hat added a bit of a street edge to the look, and the red lipstick was just an obvious choice, I'm starting to wear it a lot more recently.  One of my favourite looks in a while I think, and I can't wait to style this dungarees with different tops.  What do you think of dungarees, would you go there?  I know they're not for everybody's taste.
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25 January 2013

Inked #4

Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na BATMANNNNN!  Yesterday I woke up feeling, y'know, pretty cool, and last night I went to bed feeling AWESOME.  This is all down to my new tattoo.  It's not one I've been planning to get for ages, the idea only came to me last week, the night before I getting my 'Wanderlust' tattoo, but sometimes life is too short and you just have to say 'What the hell!' and be a little bit spontaneous.  I know there will be a fair few people who think 'What the bloody hell has she done that for?' but to that I just say 'It's a good job I get tattoos for me then, innit?'.  Although finding a guy who thinks it's totally hot (coughhhhhh TOM HARDY PLEASE) would be a bonus.  Will it look cool when I'm eighty?  Probably not, and I don't give a fudge.  LIVE A LITTLE, PEOPLE.
It's the logo for 'The Dark Knight Rises'.  I did contemplate getting just the bat symbol, but since it's the last film which is my favourite and the reason I'm obsessed, I thought it was better to get the logo for that specific film.  It's meant to be like a smashed effect and you can check out the proper image here.  I am so happy with how it's come out and I think the size is perfect.
I planned to get it under my arm (but so it will be above my bra strap) so it's easily hideable but I can show it off when I want with drop hole sleeve tops.  Now, the pain.  It took about half an hour and the first half - the outline - was okay (as okay as getting a tattoo can be).  Once he started filling it in, it was okay, but for about the last ten minutes I did start to really feel it, it was like a burning sensation.  I expected nothing less, I know the ribs are known for being quite a painful place to get inked, and the tattooist called me 'mental' and 'very brave', and he's bloody covered in tattoos.  I'm not bad with pain at all but I was happy for it to be over.  It did swell up and from looking at the above picture it's started to bruise a bit but that doesn't bother me, it should look normal within a couple of weeks after the 'flakey' phase.  It's still stinging now when something touches it but at the end of the day I'm well chuffed with it and I feel like this just about expresses my love for the film.
I might be a geek but tattoos are badass so I feel like it balances it out.
Yeah, let's go with that.

Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Couture Collection

Images from here.

Uh, look what I came across this morning.  I'll have one of everything, please.  I find it hard to find a collection which I can say, as a whole, I like.  But when I do come across a show which I can say that about, it makes it all that more special.  I adore pretty much every dress from above, and am quite sure they're some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  Argh, sometimes I really do wish I was a celebrity just so I could walk down red carpets wearing amazing dresses.  Couture dresses should be amazing and breath-taking, and these haven't disappointed.  A lot of them are like a second skin and glide over the models' bodies at every curve.  I could definitely see Kristen Stewart in one of these babies.
My favourite dress is definitely the last one, the dress is beautiful but look at that feather jacket!  With the gold shoulders?  Wow.  Seriously wow.
I also found my wedding dress in the collection, now who wants to marry me?  Needs to have enough money to buy me said dress.
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24 January 2013

'Cause I'm aching and I know you are too

Stripe dress: TOPSHOP | Watch: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: CONVERSE

This dress is beautiful.  I didn't realise how much so until looking back over these pictures.  I bloody adore it.  As well as the playsuit I showed you in last night's post, I also grabbed this in the sale.  I got this for the same price - £20 - but this was reduced from £60.  Sixty.  When I looked at the tag in the shop my eyes nearly popped out of my head, that's a saving of forty whole pounds.  One could buy another dress at full price with that.  Dayummmm.
Again I hadn't seen this before until I spotted it on the sales rack, but once I'd had my eye on it I couldn't leave it.  Oh no no no.  I think a lot of girls, despite their styles, sometimes just want an amazing dress which is going to make them feel good.  For me, this is the dress.  I usually go for casual dresses which are more daytime appropriate, but nothing about this dress exactly screams 'I'm just going out to the shops'.  I do have a tendency to overdress, though, and seeing as I don't go on glamorous nights out or for restaurant meals (hint hint, I'd be happy for someone to take me on one, k thnx) then I just think "why the hell not?".  What is stopping me from wearing this to uni?  Uh, nothing.
The shape of the dress is one I really like.  There was a dress in a coral colour in the exact same shape in Topshop's summer stock, and I wanted to get my hands on that one but didn't end up doing, so this is my first one in the shape.  I don't know what it is, I suppose it's because it's kind of boyish and simple?  Not making sense?  Never mind.  The colours match my style perfectly as I don't have a girlie-girl style so I can still wear a dress without it being too, er, fluffy.  Argh, this is just my IDEAL dress for ANYTHING.  And I got it for twenty quid!  The Converse and red lipstick just make it even more perfecto.
Today I went to see 'Les Misérables', and it was bloody beautiful.  Hugh Jackman and Eddie Redmayne (who I've never even come across before - hotttt!) completely stole the show for me.  The fact that all the singing was done live just made it loads better.  Mum and I are massive criers when it comes to movies and I've heard a lot of people say they 'cried like four times', but we only did twice.  We were terrible at the ending though, which wasn't even that sad it's just 'cause they were singing beautifully and BOOM I was an emotional wreck.  I'm not even massively into musicals but it's a very lovely film.  Have you seen?  What did you think?
I also got another tattoo, will post about that tomorrow!
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