29 February 2012

Wishful wednesday

Looking at the top row of this compared to the bottom I can see that there's quite a contrast of items on my list this week.  The skirt would be perfect for summer, it also comes in a pale yellow which remind me of Louis Vuitton's s/s 12 collection, but I think this colour would be more versatile.  I love this floral top, the colours attracted me to it as soon as I saw it, I can imagine it wearing it with a pair of jeans to create a simple but chic outfit.  Friendships bracelets are a micro trend this season, I've seen them in a lot of high street stores, and as I'm a more stud kinda' girl this bracelet is a great combination of both!  I've been looking for some casual, black heeled boots for a(aaaaaaa)ges but after finding some on eBay which ended up being too small, I'd kind of given up looking.  But then I saw these.  J'adore!  But they are a little more pricey than my eBay find, but they're too lovely for that to be reason enough not to get them.
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28 February 2012

Let the sun shine


Am wearing this jumper again, probably one of my best sale finds ever.  It's the perfect transitional piece because of the colour of it, too.
News of my day: I got my hair done!  I wanted to go the slightest bit lighter and I really like the outcome.  I love how your hair feels after the hairdressers, I can't stop running my fingers through it...
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27 February 2012

Monday blues


I went a bit controversial and wore blue with blue, but they're a few shades apart and different materials so I think I've gotten away with it.
As you'll know already because I keep going on about it, it's my birthday on Thursday so my gran gave me this early birthday present which was a nice little gift.  I hope this week is a really good one!
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25 February 2012

Keeping it simple


This outfit is probably a bit dull and boring, which I usually don't like, but I do like this outfit.  Without the jewellery and the little bit of colour in the shoes I'd probably think differently.  The shorts and top are quite loose so it was a bit like spending the day in my pyjamas, comfy cosy!  The glasses necklace used to have a moustache attached to it aswell but it came off not long after buying it.  Sad face, Topshop are selling them again now though at about eight pounds, but I bought mine in the sale so I'm a bit gutted!  Maybe I'll re-purchase when I'm in London next weekend (eeep!)
Am so glad it's the weekend as I had the chance to catch up on my sleep last night (although I still had to force myself to wake up after nine hours sleep) and have just had a nice day chilling today reading ELLE and scrolling through Twitter, trying to forget about the coursework I've got to finish this weekend...
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  It's my birthday on Thursday (any excuse to mention it) so am going to try and make this week a good one, starting off with watching Mr Popper's Penguins at my dad's tomorrow!
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Friday favourites

I get style inspiration from several places but the main source for my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine.  I catch up with them everyday and I don't only check their pictures but read what they have to say because I love finding out where other people got their inspiration from for that particular outfit.  This is where I have gotten my inspiration from this week, because they deserve at least a little bit of credit!
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23 February 2012

Sweater day


Am already wearing this top again, j'adore!  Paired with the Converse and everything though, maybe this outfit is a bit too casual?  Hm.
This time next week I will be eighteen!  Which means I will be a grown up, does this mean I have to be grown up?  Only today was I watching that video with the hippo and the dog singing 'In the Jungle', and I've nearly played six hundred games on Temple Run in the past week (that's nearly 86 games A DAY).  Maybe I'm not quite ready...
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Wishful Wednesday

As you can see I'm getting much more into pastel shades now, except the black blazer, but I've been on the search for a perfect blazer which is under £50 for years, and this one found me!
I want to invest in a clutch bag, and I really like the colours of this one, plus the chain strap is ideal for me.
I love this green shirt because of the cut-out detail and the dipped-hem, unfortunately I don't think I'd purchase as I don't own a green bra or vest top, and I'm not one to wear a completely different coloured bra under a sheer shirt as I'd want the attention to be on the shirt, not what's underneath it...
I'd love to own a short suit come summer time.  I can just imagine these shorts and a matching blazer (although I don't think it actually comes with a matching blazer, damn it) paired with a white tee and a pair of my converse.  Perfect outfit for a nice summer's day, I think!
And of course you can't forget to leave the house with a few cool pieces of jewellery on!  Crosses are a mini trend going on at the moment and I think they're really cool but simple, which is why I'm wishing for this ring this week!
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21 February 2012

Tiger tank


Bought this tank today, am so pleased with it, tigers have been my favourite animal since forever, I think they're beautiful... such a tiger geek!  I couldn't decide whether it looked better with it tucked into the skirt or not, but I'm sure I'll wear it both ways anyway.
I watched the Brits earlier, well, I fast-forwarded most of it, I was more interested to see what people were wearing.  But I am so glad the Foo Fighters won one, it gives me a little bit of faith in Britain's pretty rubbish taste of 'music' (ahem One Direction (going against popular opinion here, I know...)).  Jessie J and Rihanna (sans the long brown gloves) win my vote for best dressed, and I'm not a die-hard Adele fan but I thought she looked stunning!
Am now going to spend the rest of my night watching some vintage episodes of SATC, can't go wrong with that.

Read please!: I've recently stumbled upon Tiger Time, who have a petition on their site to ban tiger trade (stop the killing of tigers for their skin) in China, they need 100,000 people to sign by the 13th of March and they're currently at 76,794 so please help by signing the petition, it literally takes a few seconds.  Want to help?  Sign here, and since the tigers can't say it I will: thank you!
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20 February 2012

Marchesa fall 2012


I have discovered that I know when I am going to like a collection simply by seeing one of a collection's looks, if I don't like one then I won't like the rest.  Just like I was immediately attracted to Jason Wu's collection, this one drew me in straight away.  The colours are stunning, going in the completely different direction to the colours we, and lots of designers, associate with the autumn/winter seasons: blacks, greys, burgundies and so on, but who couldn't be immediately pulled out of their comfort zone to try something in white or silver after looking at this collection?  I am already there.  Where is there?  On some beautiful, heavenly place where glamourous women walk around in sheer, embellished evening gowns all day... Well, at least I'm there in my head.  I can't see myself wearing one of these amazing creations on a normal college day.  But if I was a celebrity who frequently attended awards shows and walked (gracefully, may I add) on the red carpet, this is the first place where I would look for a dress.  For the dress.  The one which will make everyone's head turn followed by a gasp.  The loose updos and the barely-there make-up instantly mirror the dresses, too.
Three words?  'Beautiful' (again), 'feminine' and 'otherwordly'.
Quite a contrast to the Jason Wu show which I loved, but an amazing collection of looks all the same.
What do you think of these looks?  Have they had a similar effect on you?
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19 February 2012

Favourite outfits of the week

I get style inspiration from several places but the main source for my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine.  I catch up with them everyday (thank you, Bloglovin!) and I don't only check their pictures but read what they have to say because I love finding out where other people got their inspiration from for that particular outfit.  As a result I have decided to start a new feature on blog each week with my favourite outfits from other blogs to show you where I get some of my inspiration from, because they deserve at least a little bit of credit!
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An outfit inspired by movement


This is my entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition on Lily's blog.  I'm quite excited about this as I've only really entered little giveaways on other blogs (yet to win one!) but when I saw this competition I thought it sounded exciting and a great way to promote a product, and the prize is definitely a motivation!  The brief said to pick an outfit which is inspired by movement, so I thought this dipped-hem dress would be perfect because whenever I moved the back of the dress would flow behind me beautifully (the wind certainly helped, too!) and if there's one thing that this dress does, it's moving!
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