22 January 2013

New boyfriend tee

Sporty tee: TOPSHOP (£20)

So I purhcased this top on Sunday and could not wait to show it on my blog!  As soon as I saw it I thought 'Oh my goshhhhhh that is mine!'.  No hesitation.  None.  I don't have anything like this but it is right up my street.  I really like how it's so oversized, and after putting it on I immediately thought 'this looks like I've just got out of a guy's bed and put his shirt on', which, erm, never happens, but it's still a look I like!  One can still pretend...
It's super comfy and not flattering at all but frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.  I'd balance it out anyway and wear tight on the bottom, such as my black leather skinnies.  Add my Chucks and some red lipstick and you've pretty much got my ideal outfit.    I think it'd be really cool to wear it as a dress in the summer, since it's long enough, but seeing as it's a teensy little bit see through it'll probably be safer to go with my blak denim shorts underneath.  Y'know, just in case.  It's a good job sports luxe is a trend ever summer, because I will be fully embracing it this year.
What do you think of my new tee?  It went down pretty well on Instagram and, well, I JUST BLOODY LOVE IT.
P.S. I apologise for the ridiculous slippers, I just had to get them in...
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  1. ah it looks so comfy and and your slippers are the cutest! ox

  2. Love the slippers! haha seems like an easy going comfy but stylish outfit. I likey. Also liking the ink! x

  3. Saw this and decided you looked too cute so I had to go put on one of my other half's t-shirts! haha
    Tatt looks good too :)

  4. That tee is pretty cool, but i have to say those slippers in the first picture are amazing! Like absolutely incredible! xxx

  5. I love it when you see something and instantly fall in love and have to have it! I can see why you did with this top, so nice! xx


  6. i love those silly slippers lol!


  7. Oh I want it!!
    And those slipper of course ;)

    Rosie x

  8. Love the top, boyfriend tees are the best for comfort :) x