2 January 2013

Wishful Wednesday

1. Black embroidered mesh skirt £40 MISS SELFRIDGE | 2. Studded biker boots £75 RIVER ISLAND via ASOS |
Burnout letter tee £22 TOPSHOP | 4. Textured grunge neon snood £16 TOPSHOP |
Contrast floral print tee £32 TOPSHOP | 6. ACDC baseball tee £35 URBAN OUTFITTERS |
Claw stone ring £5 TOPSHOP

I think this is my favourite 'Wishful Wednesday' posts in quite a while.  I don't just like each thing on here, I really, really like them.  Apparently I'm going through a little bit of a black phase, but I'm okay with that, because I think this letter top and the sheer skirt would be the perfect additions to my wardrobe.  I think the tee would look amaaaazing with a pair of skinnies, coloured or black.  Oh DAMN YOU spending ban, DAMN YOU.  The skirt would look perfect contrasted with a pair of my Converse.
I find it quite hard to come across the perfect biker boot, but every now and then one pops up, and the latest pair to catch my eyes is this one - the length, the studs, the buckles - yes, yes yes.
This snood is such a great piece and and I want it, I want it, I want it.  The colour is goooorgeous and I would wear it always, cold or not.  Yep.
This mixed print t-shirt is possibly my favourite item from all of these.  I think the print look so good against each other and it's not an item of clothing you see everyday.  Again, spending ban - I hate you.
I have been after a baseball tee for sooooo long with a print on the chest but apparently that task is impossible, until now suckaaah!  And what better print to have than ACDC?  I love this, I don't love the price.  Hmph.

Please excuse my moaning - I haven't gone shopping in a really long time (for me) and finding it quite hard to get used to... Oh god, I can't stop *slaps own wrist*.
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  1. love both the tees!! lovely wishlist :) xx

  2. The skirt and contrast tee are AMAZING. I've banned myself from buying clothes until June so I should probably stop reading blogs and torturing myself wahh. Good luck in your spending ban though!

    Elise x

  3. I really love the skirt and the burnout tee and the contrast pattern tee and just everything and oh I really want to go shopping now!
    My shopping ban started yesterday and I swear I've got withdrawal already, it's the hardest thing isn't it! Good luck aha x

    dozen dresses

  4. love your wishlist! number 1 and 5 are my favourite they're so pretty! xx