31 January 2013

Iron Man

Blue oversized blazer coat: RIVER ISLAND | Iron man top & leather pants: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

These are new items in my wardrobe, the top half are newly bought, the pants are still new but only because I've just pinched them off my mum (shhh!).  I am trying not to spend, really, but I could justify the top because, hello, it has Iron Man and Spiderman on it! (God forgive me if they bring out one with Batman on it...)  Plus I had a Topshop voucher, the coat, however, was a naughty purchase.  After buying the top I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not coming out of Topshop with three bags full, but it went down hill from there.  I thought 'Oh let's do some browsing in River Island', but apparently that's an impossible task for me.  It's not like I was a bit bad and bought a nice top, oh no, I bought a seventy pound coat.
In all fairness, though (heeeere I go) I've been looking for a new coat for ages, and the only ones I've liked have been in Zara, which are always a ridiculous price.  I mean, I've always intended to get one with a hood because, y'know, it's England, but apparently that's gone completely out of the window.  I currently have a black one which I always wear because it's nice and warm aaaaand it has a massive hood.  However, it's really bulky and as a result when you wear it you're pretty much hiding your whole outfit.  Annoying.  I wanted one which would look good with my outfits rather than one that covers my outfit and that I simply wear because I have to, therefore this one is pretty perfect.  The wool material keeps you warm without the coat having to be huge.
To be honest with you the main reason I even considered buying this coat is because of the colour.  My favourite colour to wear is blue, am not sure why, probably because I feel like it matches my hair colour well.  It's a bright, powerful colour without being way too in your face, you know?  I like to inject colours into my winter wardrobe as everyone tends to wear pretty dark colours to reflect the weather, don't they?
Plus, it goes really well with my new Iron Man t-shirt.  Totally unintentional.
The style is also something I really like.  It's a very simple, clean silhouette meaning it would look just as good over a dress as it would with a pair of trousers.  Winner.
Well I bloody love my new coat, do you?  (At least pretend you do so I feel better about buying it, fanks.)
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  1. You look awesome! Love that tee! It's perf! xxx

  2. Amazing outfit, love the blue blazer!xx


  3. That oversized blazer coat is beautiful! X