18 January 2013

Now you're just somebody that I used to know.

Rocket t-shirt: TOPSHOP | Red leather pants & chunky boyfriend watch: RIVER ISLAND |
Gold chunky chain necklace: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

Say helloooo to my cool new tee.  I now have the spaceman one, the moon crater one and most recently this one.  I didn't even know I was a space geek, but when you've bought three t-shirts which are all space related, I must be.  There's just something about them, you know?  Tee and Cake do an awesome variety of geek chic t-shirts, and I can't get enough of them.  They're probably not investment pieces seeing as I won't be wearing them in twenty years time (or maybe I will?!) but how does one resist?
I think the colours are really lovely on this top, and I thought the reds in it would go perrrrfectly with these red coated pants.  They both look great together and I'm hoping the rock-chickness of the leather trousers will balance out the nerdy top half.  Did it work?  I hope so.  I definitely think the slick of lipstick helped, too.
In the future I'd try to team the t-shirt with more feminine pieces to create a cool contrast, I feel like my blue velvet maxi skirt would look great with it.  Watch this space...
Happy Friday people!  I finish uni on Tuesdays (I don't know why people think I have it easy...) so my weekends pretty much start then - not rubbing it in, I promise - so I've spent the last few days doing a fat load of nothing, resulttt.  I know everyone in the UK is currently surrounded by a good few inches of snow but there's been hardly none here, what's that about?!  The main place I'm concerned about, though, is Manchester.  I'm hoping the snow will be bad enough there for uni to be closed to next week, that would be so goooood!  So yeah, snow - GET TO IT BITCH.
I got a new tattoo today!  That's number three.  I knew I'd get addicted after my first one, I just get this itch to get one, y'know?  As soon as it was finished today I booked in my fourth one to be done next week.  I rest my case.  You might have seen it on my Twitter/Instagram but I'll be posting a picture of it on the blog later tonight probably.  I'm so happy with it and it feels awesome to have one that's in a more visible place.
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  1. oh wow, i really really like that tshirt! It's awesome! xxx

  2. Terminally in love with your trows x

  3. This whole outfit is amazing! Love the space tee & it goes so well with those trousers. Tee & Cake do have some really cool t-shirts, there was one with a night map of Europe in Topshop that I desperately wanted but it sold out before I could buy it! xx


    1. Ah I know the one! Yeah that was really cool too.

  4. I am in love with all these tee's you've collected! They're so easily styled with anything too, it's amazing - skirts/trousers/shorts!!

    Love your blog xxx

  5. I love the pants and the tee,