30 January 2013

Wishful Wednesday

1. Origami cotton tee £20 SELECTED | 2. Jacquard pattern top £39.99 ZARA | 3. Black contrast sleeve sweatshirt dress £38 RIVER ISLAND | 4. Shiny nylon backpack £40 AMERICAN APPAREL via ASOS | 5. 'Kapow' sweat crop top £15 FASHION UNION | 6. Blue lace bra £9.99 H&M | 7. Lion head chunky necklace £18 ASOS | 8. Neon yellow jumper £21 GLAMOROUS |

1. I spotted this top on ASOS and then decided to look at more of their stuff, I haven't heard of them before now but they have some really nice things!  This top is kind of lovely.
2. I saw this in store the other day and thought 'Yessss' and then I saw the price tag and thought 'Nooo...', but hey, I can still look at it and pretend.
3. This is amazing, maaaan.  So cool with a beanie hat and some Converse, with or without tights.  Please get in my life.  *adds to birthday wishlist*
4. I've recently discovered I want to invest in a backpack, I'm so over handbags and feel a little too girlie holding mine, which now is apparently something I don't like...
5. 'Kapow' slogan tops are pretty much everywhere at the moment, and this is my favourite which I've seen.  The crop top style would make it go so well with my high waisted jeans.
6. I am a woman, therefore I like pretty underwear.  The end.
7. I would wear this with a plain tee and a bomber jacket.  Parfait.
8. Neon is something I don't shy away from and think, when worn right, it can look amazing.  I would wear it with this skirt I very recently purchased and the sleeves rolled up.
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  1. That origami tee is amazing! Love it! xxx

  2. The lion necklace looks amazing! Need to buy!

    amy x

  3. The neon jumper would look great with that skirt!

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  5. the bag! the freakin' bag, is so beautiful. american apparel did a good one there, i think this is going to be my next bag purchase. and the bra, very much like the one you picked up in the sale ;) i love this colour