31 July 2012

Touch the sky

Blue tie dye top: MANGO | Black skinny jeans: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

This top is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.  It's different to anything I've ever bought before, but probably one of the coolest.  I'm not usually one to wear tie-dye prints and describe them as 'cool', but hey, people change.  The weird thing is I know for a fact I wouldn't have bought the top if it wasn't for the zip.  Yes, that tiny little zip which isn't even that noticeable.  But it gives the top cool grungy effect and therefore takes it out of the 'hippy' territory which tie-dye usually belongs to.  It is a busy top so I have to be careful when choosing what to team with it, hence why I don't wear it that often, so black jeans and Converse were the perfect choices.  I also think white skinnies would go amazingly with it but alas I don't own a pair, but you know, I can imagine... I've though about wearing it with my pink jeans but maybe that would be going too far.  What do you think, what would you wear with this top?  I've just purchased a black pleather mini skirt and I think they'd look awesome together, so I'll have to see when that arrives to my door...
Speaking of purchasing things, I have been in a huuuge shopping mood recently.  I am ALWAYS in a shopping mood, but once every few months I get into phases where I just want to buy everything I see online.  So this weekend, as soon as money went into my bank, it literally just went away again, but you do what you gotta do, right?  I didn't have enough money to buy literally everything I saw, but I have bought a few things from Zara and ASOS which am really pleased with.  Granted I can't do any shopping for the next month (which is why I'm in the process of whacking loads of clothes on my eBay, including those Topshop polkadot trousers), but I can't complain when I am wearing awesome new things, right?
I woke up at, wait for it... TEN PAST THREE(!) this afternoon.  Ohhh that can't be healthy, can it?  I didn't get to sleep until six this morning, in my defense.  I was admiring the beautiful pink sky (the only time I didn't have my camera, I was so gutted!) and reading in bed, which is now one of my favourite things to do.  The early hours of the morning when the birds are tweeting and the sun is slowly coming out is now the best time of the day.
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30 July 2012

When in doubt, throw on a denim shirt

Denim shirt & black skater dress: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Oh hellooo little black dress we meet again, except I fear sometimes you can be a bit boring on your own, so I thought 'let's bring something else into our relationship for a bit of variety', which is where denim shirt came in.  It was an easy choice, really.  Denim shirt gets on with just about anyonething.
It's a simple item, but is undoubtedly timeless and a staple piece in anyone's wardrobe.  I love coming up with new ways to wear things and throwing on a denim shirt over a dress just seemed like an obvious option.  Not only a new way to wear the dress but also a new way to wear the shirt, result.  I haven't worn it unbuttoned before but I thought it gave the dress a nice masculine touch, especially with the slightly rolled up sleeves, but it could have easily been more 'girlie' if I had tied it at the waist, or even a little belt over the shirt would have been a nice addition.
So to sum up, if you haven't got a denim shirt, buy one.  Like, right now.  It’s a really versatile item once you’ve got your head around how to wear the item, both in a casual way and with more dressy pieces (like this dress).  And even now after owning mine for a few months I am still learning new ways to wear it.  It also makes a great layering piece for autumn/winter time, need I say more?!
I have nothing to report from my life lately, except that I have really been enjoying regular threesomes with two men called Ben and Jerry.  Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me.
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29 July 2012

What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

Floral butterfly print shirt: RIVER ISLAND | Bowler bag: TOPSHOP | White skirt & silver dino flatforms: ASOS

Some days I feel like being more girlie and pretty than I do on others, but rather than throwing on a floaty dress and leaving it at that, I thought I'd go for the skirt and top option.  This shirt is a perfect piece for days like these as it as still feminine but relatively more grown up than your average floral dress.  I went for the buttoned-up-sleeves-down look today since my legs were on show and I wanted to avoid flashing too much flesh.  It is quite a busy print so I teamed it with more neutral items to balance it out.  I purchased it during my trip to London a few months ago, I really love the mixture of pastel colours on it and it goes great with everything, from outfit like these to more winter appropriate ones when I'd team it with a pair of pleather shorts/skirt and a woolly snood  Perfect.  I've seen a couple of people wearing a sleeveless version but since the sleeves are where most of the floral magic happens on the shirt, I've decided I much prefer this one.
I bought the skirt a couple of months ago after deciding I need more white items in my wardrobe rather than black.  I haven't actually worn it that many times but I think it'd look great toughened up a bit with an oversized military shirt and a pair of biker boots (which I don't have, but I am still on the look out for a perfect pair).  The shoes seemed like the perfect addition to the outfit, the metallic tones go really well with the shirt and add my much-needed edge to the outfit.
I don't think dressing like this will probably continue for much longer as the rain is already back as I am typing, but I came to terms long ago with the fact that England just isn't having a summer this year so it's not like I've got a whole summer wardrobe planned out.  In fact I'll probably be buying a winter coat before you know it.

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28 July 2012


Charcoal tiger tank top, red lace bra & black jersey skater skirt: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

The tiger top is back, baby.  Although it clearly wasn't exciting enough for me as I couldn't resist stretching the sleeve holes until I was blue in the face.  No regrets, though, as this outfit would have been bloody boring without the flash of bra from the side.  You know what they say - 'When in doubt, get your bra out'.  Well, they will say that from now on, anyway...  I bought the top a few months ago after seeing the print and wanting to buy it immediately.  Tigers are AWESOME, in fact one of my Pinterest boards named 'Other lovely things' actually contains 50% of pictures of tigers, ahem.  I thought I would team it with my plain black skater skirt.  It is an incredibly boring item, but that actually worked to my advantage today so the focus of the outfit would be the flashes of red (see: lipstck/bra/shoes).  It's easy to adapt this outfit for when it starts getting colder, too (i.e. tomorrow), which is always a bonus.  Just whack on a chunky cardigan and a pair of tights and wham bam thank you ma'am, you're done.
I don't know if you'll notice or not but I've had my hair done recently so there is no sign of rootage (finally) and I've gone quite a bit lighter.  I am really pleased with the result, and I feel much better wearing a simple outfit like a t-shirt and jeans because the hair alone makes a statement.  Looks damn good with some red lippy, too.  Win.
I also went to see 'The Dark Knight Rises' for the second time (which I never do) during the week  and it was still uh-maaazing.  I think I am going to see 'Ted' at some point next week which looks ridiculous, but fun.
Hope you have a nice weekend!  I think I'll just be spending mine watching my 'The Big Bang Theory' DVDs, so nothing too crazy...
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27 July 2012

Friday Favourites

I get style inspiration from several places but the main sources of my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine. I catch up with them everyday and I don't only admire their pictures but I read what they have to say because I love finding out where they got theirinspiration from for that particular outfit. This is where my fashion inspiration has come from this week, so they deserve at least a little bit of credit!
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25 July 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. Twisted yarn slouchy jumper £39 MISS SELFRIDGE | 2. Silver spike headband £7 RIVER ISLAND | 3. Pom pom ears cap £4.50 ASOS | 4. Vintage dungaree shorts £38 TOPSHOP | 5. Blue dip dye dress £32 MOTEL ROCKS via TOPSHOP | 6. Flat top round sunglasses £7.50 ASOS | 7. Cream blazer £34.99 HEARTS & BOWS via ARK | 8. Cream ears beanie hat £13 River Island

1. This jumper is grungy yet soft, I like that.  Perfect with a pair of pleather jeans/skirt or a distressed pair of jeans.
2. After being converted to the headband-wearing side after wearing this one, this would be great another great one to start the collection.  Subtle, but edgy.
3. I'm not a sucker for wearing caps despite the huge sports luxe trend this season, but the pom poms make this more cute than chav.
4. I haven't worn anything in dungaree form since I was young enough to shout at my mum when she was dressing me because "No, I can fasten it myself!", but after seeing Rite Ora rocking dungaree jeans on her 'R.I.P.' video (and making them SEXY, whut?), I have to give these a try.
5. I try to stay away from mini body-con dresses but this would make a statement all on its own thanks to the dip dye effect.  No jewellery needed for this dress.
6. Definitely a peculiar shape but after seeing them on Heather I added them to my wishlist straight away.
7. I've been after a white/cream blazer for so long but have failed to find one which doesn't burn a hole in my pocket, well, until I spotted this one.  Would look great dressed with just about anything.
8. So cute for the winter but would also look great with a plain tee and a pair of jeans on pretty much any day.  Result.
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24 July 2012

To think I might not see those eyes...

Camo jacket & flower/spike headband: TOPSHOP | White tee: ZARA | Skinny pink jeans: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

If a camo jacket can go with a floral headband, a camo jacket can go with anything.  I bought this headband in the Topshop sale the other day.  I don't usually wear them but after seeing this one - with spikes AND flowers, whoda funk it?! - I can officialy say I've been converted.  It's the perfect mix of pretty and fierce and would therefore go with pretty much any outfit, from an LBD to, well, an outfit like this one.  I decided to wear the pink jeans to make the headband look like it wasn't out of place in the outfit.  I teamed it with simple items and without jewellery in order to make sure it was the focus of the look.  The jacket is probably an unlikely choice, what with its army print and all, but I thought 'Why the hell not?' and ended up really liking the two of them together.  An unlikely match, but one which I love.
The more I look at these pictures the more convined I am to get a ridiculously big crown with huge flowers so I could totally rock some kind of Queen-of-the-erm-garden(?) look, but perhaps I'm taking it a little too far.
So I went on a walk today, trying to take advantage of the nice weather etc, and instead I got covered in hundreds of nettle stings plus the bumps on my legs from my, er, grass allergy.  Not a good look, and it was not a goo walk.  DAMN YOU NATURE.  Think I'll just stay inside for, like, ever from now on.
As I said yesterday I'm off to see Batman AGAIN tomorrow, which I'm still looking forward to.  It's going on my top five films ever, that's how good it is.  Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one film?  Uh, GO ON THEN.
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