10 January 2013

'Cause your sex takes me to paradise

Tassel jumper & ring: TOPSHOP | Chunky boyfriend watch & red leather pants: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: CONVERSE

Oh I do love this outfit.  Guess what?  I went shopping!  Yep, spending ban was obliterated as soon as I went anywhere near a shop.  It started with this jumper and ring, which my mum very kindly bought for me (thanks mummy bear!) and then these pants which I was more than happy to purchase.
Let's start with the jumper, I have wanted this since it came in stock and it was full price, need I say more?  The only thing better than getting a good bargain in the sales, is getting a good bargain on something you've wanted for a while.  This jumper was reduced from like forty to twenty pounds, I think, so definitely a good deal.  I just really like how it's kind of 'undone', if that makes sense?  I think the tassels give it a really cool touch, and it's so soft too!  Bonus.
On to the pants.  Oh my gosh, the pants.  I have gone on and on about my much-loved black leather pants from River Island, so I when I was shopping with my mum and I saw these I grabbed them and ran to the changing rooms, with my mum doing the same with a black pair.  We were both extremely pleased with our finds and purchased them, without hesitations, at twenty five pounds each.  Bargain with a capital 'B'!  Leather pants are definitely one of my favourite things to wear and they certainly bring my inner rock-chick out, plus when they fit right, they look so good.  Am I bragging?  I don't care - HAVE YOU SEEN THESE PANTS?!
I thought they went perfectly with the jumper as the cool, rocky vibe of the outfit goes nicely with the shredded effect of it, and the monotone colours are practically asking for the colour of the pants to be added to the outfit.  I couldn't imagine any better shoes to go with the look than some black and white Converse.  BOOM, done.  I know we're only ten days in, but this is definitely one of my favourite outfits of the year...
Aaaanyway, on to an update from me.  What's been happening lately?  Well, I finished my Christmas holidays and went back to uni (booo) and have a fed deadlines this month (double booo!) so nothing exciting, really.  I am back home now though, which I was definitely ready for.  After a whole three days of being away... Yeah.  It's given me the chance to film another video which will be up on my channel in about an hour, so keep your eyes out if you're interested!
I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the next few days, I know 'Les Miséables' comes out soon (tomorrow?) which I am so looking forward to watching, and I'm not even big on musicals.  If it has Hugh Jackman though, it's bound to be good.
Hubba hubba.
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  1. LOVE those pants, they look so cool! You look great!

    shabna x x

  2. Those trousers are amazing! Love the jumper too :)

  3. Cool jumper
    x the cookies

  4. Your blog is amazing, I totally felt in love with it! Would you like following each other?

  5. oh my god these pants! I wish they were mine x

  6. Ooh, my friend got this jumper a few months ago when it was full price and I was SO jealous - love it,

    Rosie x

  7. Love this jumper with those leather trousers xx


  8. Red leather pants and black cons, black leather pants and blue cons, oh my god you looks like a rock girl and I love it ...waiting for your next outfit, maybe BLACK leather jacket, BLACK heavy metal tee, BLACK leather pants and BLACK chucks ;-)