10 January 2013

Wishful Wednesday

1. Black dungarees £45 ASOS | 2. Galaxy tee £14 PZZL CLOTHING | 3. 'SKINT' sweater £20 ILLUSTRATED PEOPLE via TOPSHOP | 4. Neon spike earrings £7.50 TOPSHOP | 5. Hexagon sunglasses £14 TOPSHOP | 6. Cream knit jumper £18.99 ARK

1. This dungarees just needs to get in my life.  End of.
2. PZZL Clothing is a brand I recently found through Tumblr, they've just started so they don't have much stock yet but I really like their cool galaxy tees.
3. The perfect grungy item, team them with some boyfriend jeans and Nike Blazers and you can't go wrong.
4. Neon is so cool, if you're not feeling brave enough to wear a whole garment in neon though, these are just what you need.
5. It's nott he season for sunglasses, but I still can't help liking these.
6. One cannot have enough jumpers.  Plus this one is really affordable.
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  1. I need that dungarees in my life its amaaaazing!xx