30 November 2012

Tap on my window, knock on my door...

Oversized poppy floral tee & black patent loafers: TOPSHOP | Gold chunky necklace: ASOS |
Black organza skirt: H&M |

I've previously worn this tee as a dress with some tights and then just walked out of the door, but because it is shaped like a t-shirt it's extremely versatile and you can easily tuck it into a skirt.  Now I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago, and in my opinion the organza material is just asking to be teamed with the bright, colourful print of this top.  If you didn't purchase one of these tees for yourself when they were in stock, are you crazyyy?  I grabbed it for like twenty odd quid, and I will wear it throughout the year.  Your loss, man.  However, this amazing skirt is still in stock, and even better, it's only fifteen pounds.  It's much better than a plain black skirt, so I urge you to at least go and try it on, because you will love it.
I decided to wear my loafers again which kept the outfit feminine and simple.  I don't know if I'll be able to wear them again any time soon though as it has gotten so cold recently and it's got to the point where even if I do wear my Converse, my feet are bloody freezing.  It's really made me lust after these amazing foot duvets from John Lewis, how great would they be?  I've actually just bought them after typing that question, my feet are still freezing despite the fact that I've been wrapped up for the past few hours.  Don't worry, dear feet.  <3
So that purchase marks the end of my Christmas present buys.  Mum's just given me the money this year to get what I want, rather than me telling her what I want and then for her to buy them... It's just easier this way, man.  So I've bought them all now and will be opening some lovely things on Christmas day (which I just happen to know I am going to LOVE.).
So I went to the Daisystreet blogger's party last night in Manchester and really enjoyed myself!  I mainly chatted with Abi and Robyn who were both so lovely,  There were also some of the 'bigger' bloggers there (such as Kavita and Heather) who kinda' stuck to their own group so I was too scared to approach them... but I had a really nice time and a damn good cupcake.
I'm now back home since this morning.  I went to see 'The Great Expectations' this afternoon with my mother after some lunch.  I didn't know anything about it but it's been raved about in various magazines all year, so I thought I'd give it a go.  It was pretty good, and Helena Bonham Carter is such an admirable actress, there were just some bits I didn't really get... But oh well!
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29 November 2012

I FOUND THEM!: The perfect leather trousers

Faux leather skinny trousers £40: RIVER ISLAND

*high pitched singing voice* Haaaaaallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.  Ahem, anyway... Look, look!  If you've read my blog before, or even my Twitter feed, you're probably aware of my long, unsuccessful search to find the perfect skinny leather trousers, which has been going on for some time now.  However, the search finally came to end yesterday when I spotted these babies in River Island.  Spending ban?  What spending ban?  I just saw these on one of the mannequins and then ran to find them and try them on.  Oh boy, am I pleased with them.  I didn't want leggings as I still wanted the pocket detail and for them to still be slightly baggy, but still have most of that painted-on effect.  This pair definitely tick all of the boxes for me, so I can't say I feel guilty about purchasing them.  I will be wearing them a ridiculous amount of times from now on, especially seeing as they will go with literally every top in my wardrobe.  Tees, jumpers, shirts and blouses... EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Breathe, breathe... I am so pleased that they are slightly high-waisted, too, as that wasn't a necessity for me but it's definitely a bonus. 
What size I buy for my bottom half depends on which shop I'm buying from.  In Topshop I'm pretty much always a 10, but in places such as Zara and River Island I need to size up, so I tried on these in a 12 (the last pair in that size, too) and they fitted perfectly plus a bit of extra room (so I don't need to worry about eating my massive dinners whilst wearing them...).  Oh, and they're not too shiny either... Man, the list could go on and on.
Are you digging leather trousers at the moment?  Do you own a pair?  I just want to throw on a band tee and paint my nails black and just be a total rock chick.  (She says whilst watching Countdown).
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28 November 2012

All along it was a fever

Blue pom pom hat & fair-isle knit snood: TOPSHOP | Low drop sleeve vest: REPUBLIC |
Split maxi skirt: RIVER ISLAND via ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

Oh look at me flashing some side boob.  I purchased this top a while ago and haven't worn it much really, so I decided to pair it with this maxi skirt which I recently bought, and I do like how they look together.  I think the long skirt balances out the skin flashing that the top causes.  I did buy this top not knowing the sleeve holes would be so big, but I can't say they've put me off wearing it, despite the accidental boob flashing which may occur when wearing it.  Man, it's a good job I have a nice pair of breasticles.
Obviously I am showing quite a lot of skin for a winter's day so the least I could do is to have added some seasonal accessories: see cable knit hat and chunky snood.  Oh, and a coat would be a good idea, too.  I like how the red colours in the scarf tie in with the deep red tones of the top, making the outfit look that little bit more put together.  The Converse gives the look a more casual spin, too, which definitely helps to dress down the long skirt and also not make it overly sexy.
So I went to my first blogger's meet up last night here in Manchester.  Like I said yesterday, we went to Harvey Nichols for a couple of hours and then some of us went for a bite after.  I won't say too much as I have some pictures of it so I will do a separate post on that in the next few days, but it was so lovely to meet new people and to do something a little bit different.  Oh, and I have a great little goodie bag which will be passed on to my mother which she will be very pleased about.  I also have another blogger's party thing tomorrow night which is being held by Daisy Street.  A lot of us who went last night or going to that too so it will be good to talk to them some more!  Hopefully I'll get some pictures of that one, too.
I've had a nice, relaxing day off today but I've got an assignment to hand in so will be getting on with that for the rest of the night.  I'm in a jolly mood though as I have found the perfect skinny leather trousers today.  Yep, my months of searching have come to end.  Watch this space for more on them.  OH, and a random (and yet surprisingly uncreepy) guy said I'm 'gorgeous', which was also a little highlight.  Yep, I still got it babeh.
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Wishful Wednesday

1. I really like this simple tee and think it would look great with a pair of ripped jeans.
2. I really am after some skinny leather trousers.  I'm not sure if these are long enough as I don't want them to be cropped, but I'll have to check them out in store.
3. I would definitely buy this if I knew that the black vest underneath is comes with it, but I don't want it if you can see right through it...
4. The print on this sweater is awesome.  I'd wear with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a beanie hat.
5. I've wanted this tee ever since seeing it on a woman years and years ago and thinking she was the coolest person ever.
6. The mixture of the big and small spots is what attracted to me this tee, as well as the contrast in colour.  I'd toughen it up with some black leather skinnies (see number 2).
8. I will get my hands on a chunky rose gold watch.  I will.
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27 November 2012

It's you, it's you, it's all for you

Studded faux leather jacket & grey vest top: TOPSHOP | Skinny jeans: ZARA | Batman Converse: SCHUH

This outfit is quite unlike me as I usually feel too boring and 'bleh' in a pair of jeans, and I wouldn't usually even consider a vest top.  I used to live in these in my tomboy days and thought that I never wanted to see one again since discovering my great interest in fashion, however when I was home this weekend I saw this vest top lying around (it's my mum's, or was...) and decided to team it with my organza tu-tu skirt.  I wasn't crazy about the outfit and felt I looked like a gothic ballerina (perhaps that's a good thing, but...) but I decided to bring it back to Manchester with me as I liked how it looked with the leather jacket.  And then I decided to pair them with some skinny jeans.
Now, even though I still added me own spin with my amazing Batman Converse, this is still quite a reserved outfit for me.  However, with the addition of the red lipstick, I love it.  It's simple, yes, but I felt effortlessly cool which is just how I like to feel sometimes.  The jacket is also my mother's but she's let me borrow it until I've got the whole looking effortlessly cool thing out of my system.  I feel like the pop of this fluorescent nail varnish was the perfect thing to add and injects just the right amount of colour into the outfit.  Oh, and it subtly matches with my Converse.  Ten points for you if you noticed!
I also really like how I get to show my tattoos off a bit as I don't really wear tops which show any of my back.  It's official, despite the fact that I'm constantly wearing short shorts, skirts and dresses, I feel the most sexiest in this look.
After saying all that, I've just gotten changed out of this as I'm going to a blogger's meet up tonight and didn't want to feel underdressed.  This is my first meet up as most of them are usually in London, and I am so excited.  I don't get out much, so this is a pretty big deal, kay?  I'm meeting a few girls at the station at five (so I'll be rushing out after I've finished this!) and then we're going to Harvey Nichols for a little event thing for a couple of hours, and then some of us are going out for a meal after at Pizza Hut.  I know, CHECK ME!  I'm going to try to take pictures and then maybe I'll put a post up on it.
Hope you all have a nice day!
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25 November 2012

My whole life waiting for the right time

Studded faux leather jacket, denim dungarees dress & skeleton top: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

This dungarees dress is probably not so easy to dress as I don't want to end up looking like an overgrown child, but I have been wanting to team it with this top ever since I bought it as I was pretty sure they'd go well together, and go well together they do.  Which is perfect for me as the top isn't the easiest item to wear in the world, either.  Fancy that!  Maybe not your standard Sunday outfit for slouching as they both are quite 'out there' pieces, in terms of it gets you a lot of looks off people giving you second glances, but hey, I'm cuh-razyyyy.
Before I bought this top I had wanted a skeleton top for ages so when it came in stock I didn't wait to buy it.  And yes, I will wear it all year round as I think it would look equally as good with a pair of denim cut-offs as it would with a pair of leather trousers.  I will also get a lot of wear out of the dress in the summer, too, without the tights and layered over a white shirt.
Today I decided to add the studded jacket to toughen up the look and probably make it look a bit more grown up, heh.  I also brought my red Converse out to play as well as a slick of red lipstick to inject a bit of colour into the outfit.
So there's my outfit today guys.  I spent my Sunday having a lie in, going out for breakfast with my mother (beans and egg on toast is the BOMB) and then popped into town.  I'm now back in my room in Manchester watching 'The X Factor', eagerly waiting for Rihanna's performance.  Will you be watching?  I hope James Arthur wins because he's the only person, ever, from X Factor whose music I would actually buy.  But the fact that I quite fancy him probably plays a part in that.  I'm a sucker for sleeve tattoos...
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24 November 2012

Dear Santa...

(From left-right, top-bottom)

Nike blazer trainers £65 ASOS | 'Looking for Alaska' £4.19 AMAZON | Constellation globe £30 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Black Converse £45 SCHUH | Studded bag £40 TOPSHOP | Robin slipper socks £6 TOPSHOP |
River Island rose gold watch
£25 ASOS | Rihanna print sweater £30 RIVER ISLAND | Bulldog print cushion cover £20 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Vegan Dr. Martens £115 AMAZON | Skullcandy headphones £31.60 AMAZON | Lana Del Rey album £3.99 AMAZON | Dermalogica travel kit £18.99 EBAY | Batman trilogy £24.70 AMAZON | Oversized pj tee £22 TOPSHOP | Lace bra £12.99 H&M | Coated skinny jeans £46 WAREHOUSE | Photocrafty book £14.95 URBAN OUTFITTERS | Lace knickers £5.99 H&M

So here is my completely average sized Christmas list (ahem).  I've been building it up over the last few weeks and there's a combination of items I've wanted for ages (Dr Martens, Nike Blazers...) and things I've recently spotted (Rihanna jumper, the pj tee).  After asking my mum if I could she's basically given me an amount of money to get the stuff myself, as long as she can wrap it, of course.  So I'm not sure which of these I'm going to choose yet, but there will definitely be a few off here.  I think the rest of my family will be giving me money as well so I'll probably use that to get some of the other things left over.  I think a few definites are the Rihanna jumper, the 'The Dark Knight' trilogy (d'uh!), the rose gold watch and probably the constellation globe because I really like it and once it goes out of stock I don't think I'll ever find something similar to it again.  I also REALLY want some ridiculously skinny leather-look trousers (not leggings, people) so if you could recommend any for less than £46 that would be AWESOME.
I only recently smelt the Lady Gaga perfume in a magazine advert.  I'm not a Lady Gaga fan, and I'm not interested in celebrity perfumes other than Rihanna's, but when I smelt this I fell in love straight away so I won't deny it.  Plus, it's cheaper than the Dolce & Gabbana one I want, so that's a bonus.
So there you go, my Christmas list!  Do you want any of the same things?  What's the main things on your list this year?  I'd love to hear some!  And I think we could all do with the penguin slipper socks from Topshop, how wicked are they?  Also, if you want to help me and tell me what I should choose from this list, that would be much appreciated...

P.S. I just worked out the sum of all these: £561.40.  And that's before I've added my camera and lens for £500.  Oh sweet jesus.
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Friday Favourites

1. I love how the shoes subtly match with the cool Batman top, such a great look.
2. Sometimes all-black outfits are the best ones.  So effortless.
3. What better jumper to wear in Movember than this one?  I really like how it's been styled here.
4. Leather & faux fur = perfect winter combination.
5. The colours of this outfit are lovely, and I am so lusting after that statement necklace.
6. THIS.  I want to recreate this look so much.  I need to get me some stockings and a thigh-split maxi skirt.  Damn, this is awesome.
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22 November 2012

Beauty queen at only eighteen...

Baroque print tee: ASOS | Denim look skater skirt & black patent loafers: TOPSHOP

So as you can probably tell by now, I cannot get enough of this tee.  I've now worn it in three outfit posts.  In a row.  Someone is going to have to come and physically tear it off my back.
I wore this outfit for a chilled, easy day spent looking round town for a bit and a trip to the book shop.  'Off duty' days don't really exist for me when it comes to what I'm wearing, so even though I have done pretty much nothing all day I still feel better to put on a nice outfit and a touch of make-up.  I'm definitely not a trackies kinda' girl.  I'm not sure why I went for my loafers today, I think I just wanted a change from my trusty Converse and ended up going for these.  They fit me feet exactly right which gives me huge amounts of satisfaction every time I wear them.
I really like the top with this skirt as I think the acid wash blue and the grey go extremely well together, and are practically just asking to be teamed with some red lipstick.  I've been wearing my berry shade a lot recently, but red just seemed right with this look, and now I want to wear it all the time.  Do you think you can get red tattooed on to your lips?  That'd be good.  I'm also having a good hair today, which is always nice.  I am getting a bit bored of my hair in general though, I want to change it but I don't know how.  Well, I do know, I want to grow it down to my ass, but that hasn't happened for a good few years.  I don't think I'm brace enough to chop a chunk of it off, either... Hmm.
I'm doing very well on my spending ban.  I don't think I've gone shopping in a whole week *mini wave in celebration of me!*.  And it's extremely hard at the moment since ASOS have brought back their 25% student discount, as well as Urban Outfitters having 20% off and free delivery (it makes me cry to even say it).  Man, my will power has a big smug smile on its face right now.
I'm now back home after having my last lecture of the week this morning.  I think I'm going to the cinemas tomorrow to see that film with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in it, 'Silver Linings Playbook', is it?  I like Jennifer Lawrence.  I like Bradley Cooper.  Therefore, I will inevitably like this film (er, I hope).  So the weekend starts now for me, wheeeeee!
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