20 January 2013

Sunday sum up

1. Urban Outfitters sale purchases. | 2. Opted for the snuggest outfit I could find. | 3. I liked her boots.

3. One of the best films ever. | 4. On the bus back from uni. | 5. Get in me.

4. My rocket tee! | 5. Cool shoez. | 6. My tea was looking faf.

7. NEVER GONNA GIVE NEVER GONNA GIVE! | 8. From men's fashion month, I like the print of this suit. | 9. My favourite bit in '13 Going On 30'!

10. We had a blackout, here's what happened... | 11. STOP! | 12. Exciting...

13. Getting my tattoo done... | 14. C-c-c-colddd! | 15. Must. Not. Slip.

16. Wan.der.lust - a strong desire to travel. | 17. Spotted in River Island. | 18. Walking to dad's in the snow.

19. OOTD: fairisle snood, jumper, red leather pants & Converse. | 20. Sorry overdraft. :( | 21. The fact that I now own this top makes me want to do a huge happy dance.


  1. the girls boots in the 3rd picture are so nice! did you ask her where they were from? and i'm really contemplating getting an oversized jersey top like the last photo...where is it from! black and white is a perfect colour combo. i might have to copy you and grab one.

    1. No I didn't, she didn't look very happy! And you should totally get one because I am already in laaav with mine! £20 from Topshop which I don't think is bad at all.

  2. cute snaps from your daily life!
    would you like to follow each other?