29 September 2012

New ASOS purchases

I adore these purchases.  I know I only showed you a big shopping haul a few days ago, and the day after that I showed you my new pair of Converse.  Oh man, if shopping was a sin, I would have definitely been a naughty girl.  I bought these two things last weekend, and since I've been in Manchester all week I only just saw them yesterday.  I could not be more pleased.  When I saw these boots it was love at first sight, I knew I was going to end up buying them, so I thought 'Well I might as well just add them to my basket now'.  And as is the way with online shopping, once you add one thing, you have to add another (that can't just be me...?), which is where this sweater comes in.  Everything about this top makes it so spot on that it hurts.  The print, the beautiful colours, the luxe silky fabric, the chain... They all work so extremely well together, making it immediately move up to the number one item in my wardrobe.  I cannot wait to start wearing these with a range of different things.
Oh ASOS, my love for you just keeps on growing.

If you're interested, I bought both of these in a size-up and they fit perfectly!
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27 September 2012

More geek, less chic...

I love Batman.  I love Converse.  Hence why these shoes are so insanely amazing.  The next best thing would be Christian Bale arriving at my door.  I knew I shouldn't have walked in Schuh (pretty sure it's pronounced 'shoe' but I say 'skuh'...) as I was fully aware there would be awesome Converse in there which I wouldn't be able to afford, but I wasn't expecting these babies.  After drooling over them for a good five minutes, I walked out of the shop empty handed.  Yep, I actually walked out, but no more than fifteen seconds had passed before I was walking back to get them.  My will-power is currently hiding away in shame.  You should have seen the grin on my face on my walk home, though.  I'm sure everyone thought I was a crazy person, but 'That's okay' I thought, 'I have Batman shoes'.
They are from the men's section, but that's never stopped me before, if I like something, I like it.  And the women's Batman version had nothing on these babies (apparently men are more likely to be geeks than women are, but hey ho.  Well, that's probably true actually).
I'm sure a lot of people won't know how to take these, but deep down, everyone will love them, because we all know that Batman is the best superhero.
He is real... Right?
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We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

I showed you yesterday the things which I've been buying over the past month, and the first thing I purchased was this floral print tee (which I'm wearing as a dress, obviously).  I featured it on one of my 'Wishful Wednesday' post some weeks ago, when I wasn't actually meant to be spending any money, but you know when you just see something and you think 'I'm gonna pretend, for now, that I'm not gonna buy it, but I know I will end up getting it anyway'?  Well that's what I did with this.  There's something about the colours (and the very reasonable price, for Topshop) which makes it too hard to resist, even more so when it's in the store staring at you, in all of its floral glory.
I think the large print and the black base immediately makes it appropriate for winter and suitable for pairing it with tights, as well as going without them in the summer.  Don't you just love it when you find an item which you can wear all year round?  Before I buy something I always consider whether it will work for all the seasons or not.  The bold, colourful print was practically asking me to pair it with my green beanie hat, immediately creating a contrast which I love.  Because the length is quite short I could also wear it under a skirt, and it looks great with my red Converse, as well as with my blue ones.  I think my bowler hat would be a perfect alternative to my beanie, too.  I can't wait to wear this in lots of different ways!
So university life is going okay.  I live with four other people who seem really nice, and there's lots of lovely, fashionable girls on my course.  Seeing other people with a great sense of style is kind of a big deal to me, as Burnley is full of leggings and, well, that's it, so Manchester is definitely a nice change in that respect.  The weather has been absolutely rubbish with non-stop rain for the past couple of days, but it's finally brightening up today and it feels like I haven't seen dry ground in about a week.  I think I'm going home this weekend again, but I'll be sleeping on the sofa as my lovely brother has pinched my room.
The bloody cheek of it.
Oh, and have you heard Rihanna's new single 'Diamonds'?  I've been waiting for its release ever since I heard she was releasing a new album, and I can safely say after the first ten seconds of listening to it I knew I was going to love it.  I have had it on repeat since yesterday, and the lyrics are beautiful.  God, I hope I get to see her on tour next year!
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26 September 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. Floral shirt £19.99 H&M |
Cut-out shoulder tunic £28 TRULY MADLY DEEPLY via URBAN OUTFITTERS |
Paisley print shirt £40 ASOS | 4. Ribcage burnout tee £22 PROJECT SOCIAL T via TOPSHOP |
Indigo acid high-rise cigarette jeans £50 BDG via URBAN OUTFITTERS |
Batman print shoes £53 CONVERSE

1.   I've seen this shirt worn by a few girls on their blogs now, and I really like it, the colours are so priddyyy.  In typical H&M style it's much cheaper than you think it would be, too.  Bonus.
2. I really like cut-out shoulders but am yet still to add a top with them to my wardrobe, I like how this one's casual and would look great teamed simply with a pair of skinnies and some Chucks.
3. Paisley's huge this season.  Mixing prints is even bigger.  This shirt does both.
4. Who can resist a cool tee?  I mean, really.
5. I love me some grunge, so these jeans would be perfect.  They would create a really nice contrast with a crisp, white shirt.
6. Converse & Batman combined?  COUNT ME IN.  (Watch out for a post tomorrow, if you like these, you need to see what I've bought today!)
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September shopping haul

Punctuation necklace, water symbol necklace: TOPSHOP

Red checkered pyjama pants: PRIMARK

Hair do doodles notebook: PAPERCHASE

Neon nail varnishes: AMERICAN APPAREL

Black vintage Levi's shorts: HEARTS & BOWS via ARK (c/o)

Wow, one can pretend they haven't spent that much money until they put it all in one haul post, but what the hell.  I was doing well by not spending anything (meaning I didn't buy anything in a few days) until I purchased the oversized floral tee from Topshop, and it kinda' just went down hill from there.  I have started university this month as a lot of you will know, so I now live in Manchester.  This means I now have a two floor Topshop, rather than the tiny little one in Burnley.  This can only end badly, I mean, I've already splashed twenty five pounds on a HAT.  Yeah, still not over that, but have been wearing it every day since to justify that amount.  I also went into Primark and bought something from there for the first time, EVER.  Now that IS a massive shop, and it took me about twenty bloody minutes to find some pyjama pants.  I'm hardly buying my outfits from there, but it's a start.
I was kindly offered by Ark to choose something from the Hearts & Bows range, and these shorts were something which I had my eye on for a while.  I am a bit picky with denim shorts, I like them to be at least slightly high-waisted, with the frayed hem, and I don't mind showing a bit of bum (it's only a bit of bum cheek, ladies, come on) as long as it's not with tights.  What's the point in wearing really short shorts, when you're gonna be wearing TIGHTS?!  Not a good look, but fortunately, these come just below my bum, so I have been happily wearing them with tights rather than having to keep them just for summer.  Great with a chunky jumper.
So yeah, these are my naughty purchases from this month.  And I may or may not have purchased a new sweater and pair of boots off ASOS, ahem...
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23 September 2012

Three ways to wear... A floral shirt

Floral shirt: RIVER ISLAND

... With bright coloured skinny jeans: Sometimes with strong prints people tend to try to tone them down with more neutral items.  I, however, am going the complete other way with this outfit and really bringing out all the colours of the shirt with these neon pink jeans.  I did de-girlie the outfit though, with this casual pair of Converse.
... Under a skater dress: If you own a button-up shirt and a dress, I suggest you try combining them both together.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  Finding a different way to wear a dress should always be welcomed, as they're not as versatile as separates can be.
... With a short skirt & faux fur: I gothed it up a bit in this look, but I think teaming the shirt with black makes the colours in the shirt pop just as much as the neon jeans do.  If I have my legs on show I usually button the shirt to the top and don't roll the sleeves up, to balance it out.  I'd definitely recommend investing in a faux fur gilet, as it is such a great layering piece.
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