5 January 2013

My blog's first birthday!

So I published my first post on this blog one year ago today, crazy!  I had been planning for a while to start a blog, finally got my camera last Christmas and then couldn't wait to get stuck in, and I have continued sticking at it nearly every day since.  Starting a blog has, without doubt, been one of the best things I've ever done.  It's hard to explain... But it's just great to have something which you can focus on, which you can contribute to as much or as little too as you want.  My almost-daily blogs have been conducted by self-discipline and opportunity, so I've done it on days when I've not been busy as well as the days that haven't, which I think I should be really proud of myself of.  As a Pisces I spend a lot of my time in my own world so I definitely enjoy forms of escapism, which my blog definitely has been.
I want to thank you all so much, the old readers, the new readers, the ones who take time to actually read my posts, the ones who comment, the ones who comment on nearly every single post (I know who you are!).  A lot of you say such lovely things, I think it's amazing how people can be so genuinely kind without having even met a person.  So I just want to say a huuuge thank you to you all and you make the time and effort I put into this blog even more worthwhile.
My blog has just been an amazing thing in my life and has given me a few great opportunities, and I can't wait to continue it next year.
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  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful little blog! I can't wait to keep reading! :) x

  2. Happy blog birthday! x

  3. Happy blog birthday, love your blog I do so looking forward to reading what you post in its second year! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. Happy blog birthday! Hope your 2nd year is as great as your 1st! xxx

  5. Happy bloggy birthday to you!!


  6. happy birthday blogggg :) keep it up! i don't have enough confidence to post as much as you and post about what you do, i wish i could! you do such a good job of it, i envy your confidence girlllllll.


    1. You say such nice things. Thank you!

  7. I totally missed this Demi! Happy (belated) blog birthday Moments De La Mode!!
    I wish I blogged more often - definitely not organised enough to do it daily, but I hope I can be one day!!

    Robyn Mayday