28 March 2013

Knee-high Converse

My mum bought these Converse ages ago, it must be at least a year or so.  That's right, my mum's cool enough to wear these babies, before I'm even sure I'm cool enough myself.  I haven't even tried them on in this time and mum hasn't worn them many times, resulting in them being gradually shoved towards the back of the understairs closet.  I didn't see this as a big deal until recently, when I tried them on for the first time, and actually ended up really liking them.  'Why didn't I try them sooner?' I hear you ask.  'SHUTUP I DUNNO WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, WHY DIDN'T YOU TRY THEM SOONER, HUH?  HUH?!' I would reply.  Look, I've been naughty and wasted a sexy pair of shoes, but I will spend the next years making up for my sin.


They are a bit out of my comfort zone, I won't lie, and straight after putting them on with my skinny leather pants I had to ask my mum if I looked like a horse rider, 'No' she said, 'More like a boxer', welllll, I'll take that.  I decided to keep the rest of the outfit very minimal and understated to avoid going well over the top.  This is the only way so far which I've worn them but I'll have to try alternative looks in the future, maybe they'll be good in the summer without tights?  Let me know your suggestions.
So you may have noticed in the last week or so my blogging mojo has gone missing.  I can't say I'm sorry though, as the reason for this is my life taking a pretty big change last week.  I'm going to do a full post on it so I won't go into details, but basically uni had gone to shit - as lots of you will know - and I very luckily got offered a tattoo apprenticeship.  Quite a far cry from a job in fashion, but tattooing is actually something I wanted to do four years ago, funny how things work out, huh?  I obviously drifted away from that but I've stuck to my drawing ever since and y'know what?  I'm bloody loving it there.  There's awkward moments and some days where I'm sat on my own for the whole time, drawing.  It's also unpaid but I don't care right now, it's all about thinking about the final result, which will hopefully be a career.  I can't wait, my social anxiety isn't making it very easy on me but if anything can make me overcome that then a job in tattooing can.
I've got a lot of melons to tattoo until I can do the real thing, but it'll be worth it.

20 March 2013

Wishful Wednesday (Topshop edition)

1. This skirt has something about it which appeals to me, I've never worn something like this, ever, but there's just something.  I think maybe the colours?  Would look so good with a loose white t-shirt and some Converse, non?
2. I reeeeeeally want these because of the elephants.  That's it.  Y'know cat lovers buy everything which has a cat on it?  Well I'm the same, but with elephants instead.  They have the dungarees in the same print - swoooon! - but maybe they're a bit too expensive.  These are awesome.  I still can't afford them, but JUST STAY IN STOCK PLZ.
3. This dress really isn't my usual type of thing but I liked it straight away.  Please be mine for summer.
4. I'm really into the whole mesh panel trend since the Alexander Wang collection, so this skirt would be a perfect nod to that.  I'd like to wear lots of white this summer too.
5. The colour of these, and the fit!  Lush.  I'd wear these with a crop top and my loyal Chucks.
6. I think the thing I like most about this is the unusual triangle cut-outs, but it'd be the perfect dress for when it gets warmer.  Plus, if you look reeeeeeeally close, you can see the tiny little zebras.
7. I like monochrome stripes as they look awesome with some red lipstick, how great would this one look with the orange joggers?

17 March 2013

Sunday Sum Up

1. Cute little book from my mum's Glossybox. | 2. Wait is this March? | 3. Okay, who ordered all the snow?

4. Be still my beating heart! | 5. OOTD. | 6. Haven't added to this drawing in months, leggooo!

7. Puffy clouds. | 8. Fresh out of the oven! Must. Wait. To. Eat. | 9. Ta-daaa!  Just call me Nigella.

10. Uh-oh, Topshop finally have these elephant dungarees in stock, can't afford! | 11. Out for lunch with mummy bear. | 12. Nom noms.

13. My beautiful mum. | 14. Ear of the day. | 15. My mum's a funny one.

17. The shadows betray you because they belong to me. | 18. Sunday walk. | 19. G.I. Jane in my bright pink beanie.

16 March 2013

Drop it

Ohhhh my love for this dress.  It's different to any dress I own which makes it all the more special.  I should probably shy away from stripes - not because of my figure, but it's just a general rule that stripes are bad, right? - however apparently I don't care about rules so am wearing it anyway.  The mix of the black and the gold together is a really great combination of colours and the material of the dress has a really cool texture which you can probably see on the close-up pictures.  My favourite thing about it, though, is the shape.  Flattering?  You can say that again.  Despite this being my only item with one - which I'm sure won't last - I am a sucker for a drop hem.  I don't know what it is, but it's something that makes them really appeal to me.  Maybe because the bottom of the dress is girlie whereas the top of it is sweet and simple.  Am I making sense?  Maybe not.

Coat: RIVER ISLAND | Snood & dress: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

When the genius designers of Topshop were making this they probably intended it to be for night-out occasions, to be worn with a clutch and a pair of very high heels, however that's far from how I planned to wear it when I bought it back in January.  The thing I love about wearing dresses is how they look when they're worn with my Converse, giving the whole look a more casual feel (yet still stylish, you understand).  I really like how the simple black snood looks with it and also the the amount of bright colour which the blue coat adds.  I wasn't sure if they'd go but after putting it on and trying them together I felt assured.  Maybe the orange hair was a bit too much but heh, what can you do?

15 March 2013

Friday Favourites: Picture, Video, Outfit...

I'm thinking of doing a new feature on my blog, I used to do a 'Friday Favourites' post on my blog every week featuring the my pick of the best outfits I'd seen over the past seven days, however apparently I've become much more picky since then and can't find enough outfits in one week.  Since stopping that a few months ago I've recently decided to try a new feature, showing my favourite finds from the week.  I'm thinking of doing things from a few categories each Friday, so maybe I have a favourite Youtube video, song and news article one week, and the next week a picture, a red carpet look and an outfit off someone else's blog.  Is this making sense?  I'm just trying it out today anyway and I'll see how it goes.

Favourite picture(s):
Tom Hardy cuddling a puppy

(Picture source)

Ladies and gentlemen more ladies, I introduce to you the reason I thought about this feature in the first place.  Apparently going on about it on my Twitter wasn't enough for me, so I have to blog about it as well.  If you don't already know, I am in love with Tom Hardy.  Scientists say if you've had a crush for longer than four months then you are in love, SO YES, IT'S TRUE LUV.  I have a serious, serious weakness for tough, bad guys who are soft on the inside, and if you've seen Tom Hardy's roles in movies then you'll know why I have this obsession with him.  HE'S SO PERFECT.  Oh yeah, and I love puppies too, so seeing these pictures gave me a load of feelings I didn't even know I could feel.
The best thing is these are pictures from the set of a new animal-themed crime film he's starring in, which I already know is going to be one of my favourite films ever.

 Favourite outfit:
'Seeing double' by Camille Over The Rainbow

(Picture source)

I fell in lust with this outfit as soon as I saw Camille wearing it, she has one of my favourite styles on the blogosphere but this one she wore is one of the best I've seen, in my opinion.  My style isn't girlie so on paper I probably wouldn't have liked this outfit: ladylike heels and I a frill hem skirt?  Hm, not my thing.  However, seeing it on Camille makes me feel completely differently.  The box style t-shirt, the heavy chain clutch and the unkempt hair give it that perfect masculine touch, plus I adore how the whole look is black.  This. Is. Awesome!  Yep, I could definitely see myself wearing this, whoda funk it?
Favourite fashion find:
Boudoir Lace Lingerie Set from ASOS £28

I featured this on my 'Wishful Wednesday' post this month and I can easily say it's my favourite from my picks.  I am a girl who takes much joy and pleasure from wearing sexy, feminine underwear (as many of you will be also) and I'm a big believer in that a matching pair of underwear can make you feel much better throughout the day, whether someone else is going to see it or not.  This lingerie set from high-street favourite ASOS is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever laid my eyes on, and the price?!  Wow.  The cut-out details are what really attracts me to it. *adds to basket before convincing myself I don't need anymore pretty underwear, repeats x10*

Favourite Youtube Video:
'Hitler finds out about Google Reader'

If you're a blogger then you've most probably heard about Google's plans to scrap Google Reader in July, I haven't started worrying yet so I'm just sitting back and watching everyone else panic at the moment, however bad the situation may be though you can't deny how genius this video is. "Google Reader is more than a daily habit, it's an extension of myself.  I am truly fucked now!"
Effing. Hilarious.

So there are my favourites from this week!  What do you think of this new feature, is it a bit all over the place?  I'd really appreciate your feedback!

13 March 2013

Turtle neck

I cannae belieeeve England is showing no signs of getting warmer.  It's March, I'm not really being unreasonable am I?  I think three months into the year is a suitable time to start getting at least a few degrees warmer.  One bloody good thing I will say about it being cold though, is that I can wear this jumper.  I bought it in the Christmas sales for fifteen squid (bargain with a big, fat, capital 'B'!) and have worn it a few times since then but have only truly realised my love for it in the past couple of days.  One thing's for sure, I'm gonna be wearing this a lot now, up until the point where it's too hot to wear it anymore (if such a point exists).  I didn't wear polo neck things until buying this but I'm a convert, saves you from wearing a scarf/snood anyway!  The navy colour is one which I really enjoy wearing and it's the perfect fit: big and snuggly!

Polo neck umper & black patent loafers: TOPSHOP | Skinny jeans: ZARA | White round sunglasses: ASOS

After putting this outfit on earlier my initial thought was 'Uh I look like a posh, preppy bloke' but I actually really liked that, does this mean I have issues/am a man on the inside?  Nooo, I wouldn't go that far, I think I was just enjoying the change from Converse.  I am in Converse every day.  I'm not exaggerating, if you read my blog you must know this by now.  I like them so much my shoe of choice on my wedding day would be my Chucks, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to go wild and cuh-razy and wear a completely different style of shoe.  I didn't get the round of applause I was expecting when I came downstairs wearing them, but I know it's big deal, 'kay?  Thankfully I haven't been outdoors too much today so my feet didn't get chance to get cold, phew.Today has been spent finishing painting my bedroom so I'll be moving back in tomorrow, since I started living in it it's kept the look which my brother had it as - meaning blue and claret walls, not exactly my taste (although he now has my floral wallpaper, ha) - so I'm looking forward to moving back in and for the space to finally feel like mine.Yesterday me and mum went to my grandma's to start working on the charity my mum wants to start.  It was nice to wake up in the morning with the intention of going off to do some work (uni doesn't really have the same effect).  At such an early stage I wasn't really needed apart from computery stuff, but I found it interesting just sitting and listening to what was going on.  I so hope it works out!

Wishful Wednesday

1. Comme ci t-shirt £10 ONLY via ASOS | 2. Na$ty motif sweatshirt £50 BROWNS | 3. Boudoir lace lingerie set £28 ASOS | 4. Blue stone drop earrings £6 ASOS | 5. Blue baseball style midi dress £29 TOPSHOP | 6. Blue mirror sunglasses £15 VANS via ASOS | 7. Red turtle neck crop top £16 RIVER ISLAND | 8. LA t-shirt £23 PROJECT SOCIAL T via TOPSHOP

1. Can't beat a good ol' slogan tee, especially after seeing Cara rocking one saying 'Last Clean T-shirt' (want).
2. I really want this.  Really really.  I'd mix it up and wear it with some girly like a with... A pink tutu skirt.  Too far?
3. Howww nice is this underwear?  When I saw it I expected it to be something like £50 but it's actually affordable.  I adore the triangle cut-outs on the boobies, I think it looks so good.
4. These.  With a band tee.  Yes.
5. I like the colours of the two blues together and think this dress would look great with some Converse and a leather jacket.  Great all year round.
6. Cool pair of sunnies, what more can I say?
7. After my orange hair completely fades I want to dye it red and then wear all-read outfits.  The one I have in mind is this top with a red midi skirt.  Dammnnnn.
8. How cool is this sporty t-shirt?  Love the American feel of it.  Be mineeee.

12 March 2013

Let's get high-waisted

Ah isn't it great when you decide to wear something (or rather something of your mum's, in this case...) which you had forgotten about and as soon as you put it on you vow never to forget it again, because it looks so awesome on?  That's what happened when I slipped on this faux leather jacket this morning.  I don't own many jackets apart from my quilted bomber jacket - which, let's face it, isn't exactly versatile - so re-welcoming this back into my wardrobe was definitely a good thing.  I mean, black leather jackets go with pretty much everything, right?  Even my (now fading) orange hair.

Jacket & top: TOPSHOP | Jeans: MISSGUIDED | Shoes: CONVERSE

This is one of my simple outfits as I'm much more of a wear-something-outrageous-and-stand-out-item kinda' girl, however I think going back to basics is good from time to time, plus people get on much better with these kind of outfits (but who gives a f*** about them?).  These jeans are the perfect piece of clothing for a casual day, literally my go-to pants.  I spent so long looking for the ideal high-waisted jeans and when I got my eyes on these babies I wasn't letting them get away (well, when they finally came back in stock) and thank jeebies I didn't.  I've lost count how many times I've worn them since I bought them, which isn't that long, but hey, I got my money's worth (especially seeing as they were only about twenty quid).

& Other Stories

1. Dress £55 | 2. Crop sweater £39 | 3. Mesh top £39
4. Shirt dress £45 | 5. Lace bra £17 | 6. Panel dress £65
7. Striped top £25 | 8. Transparent brogues £79

If you haven't heard of the brand & Other Stories, it's very recently been launched by sister brand H&M.  I'm not H&M's number one fan, I go in regularaly but I'm extremely underwhelmed by most of it.  Sometimes I see bloggers wearing things from there which I really like, I'll go in the store to find it but never can, thus losing my faith in the retailer all over again.  It's okay, and I own a couple of items from there, but you usually get what you pay for, which isn't a lot.  Saying all that, I feel completely differently about this new brand.  I can say I spent an hour or so the other night browsing through the website and am pretty sure I have seen every single product they're currently selling.  Its layout is like a Tumblr page, especially with its continous scrolling, which really appeals to me.  They offer very simplistic items, kind of like a mix between Zara and a more expensive high street store like Cos.
If you compare the prices to H&M then you're probably gonna be disappointed, but me being a big fan of Topshop - which isn't cheap, really - then it's no more expensive than that.  I can't afford any of it yet, but I'm sure I'll be buying from there at some point as they offer some unique, cool pieces which you won't find anywhere else.  If I could pick any item to have now I'd choose the first white dress, the colour is parfait for summer and the shape is quirky and different, I really like it.  I've got to say though, the brogues would be a very close second.
What do you think of the new brand?  Does the clothes suit your taste?

11 March 2013

Tiger & camo

Tiger sweater: ASOS | Hat: TOPSHOP | Camo pants: ZARA | Shoes: CONVERSE

I don't know what inspired me to pair this sweater with the pants, I didn't expect the purples and lilacs to go with the green camo print, but y'know what?  They bloody do.  In fact now I've worn this outfit, it's like the top has been asking all along to be teamed with something similar to the pants to toughen it up a bit.  The colours and the silk material means it can be quite a feminine item, but the trousers really give the look that cool edge.  The hat is pretty much a necessity in this weather as it's still snowing here in England, STILL.  And I don't want my ears getting cold, do I?  Nuh-uh.
Lately I've been spending my time painting.  Yep.  We're going to try to sell our house which is long overdue and someone from the estate agents is coming on Friday, my room's being done at the moment which means I'm sleeping in the living room for the time being thus I'm extremely close to the toaster, endless supply of toast!  Yum.  On Sunday mum and I went to watch the new Oz film, it was awesome, on a scale of 1 to The Dark Knight Rises, I give it a good 7.  It was a little more cheesier than I expected in a couple of parts but then it's probably mostly aimed at kids, so I can't complain.  Have you seen it?
Mum's trying to start up a charity (and if anyone can do it, she can) so since uni isn't working out (to put it nicely) am gonna help her out with admin and stuff when I'm neede.  I hope it all works out, my mum really deserves it.

10 March 2013

Sunday Sum Up

1. Very excited to read this. | 2. Birthday breakfast with mummy. | 3. Yummm.

4. Crying. | 5. Hi face. | 6. At the fish shop!

7, 8 & 9. Birthday treats.

10. My dino quilt brings all the boys to the yard and I'm like, it's better than yours, we could christen it, but I'd have to charge. | 11. Birthday tea! | 12. Cheers mummy.

13. I don't know who this man is, but he's fabulous. | 14. On a walk. | 15. About to watch.

16. Why does a guy on my bus have 1D carboad cut-outs? | 17. On the bus. | 18. Summer has come and gone!  Also known as 'Tuesday'...

19. Reading my Marie Claire runway report. | 20. Liiiike this. | 21. On the road.

22. Sneaky picture of mum talking business. | 23. I'm bad at swallowing tablets so this one is like Mount Everest to me. | 24. Today.

25. Face. | 26. Outfit post. | 27. Newly decorated fish tank!

28. Fishies clearly appreciate new decor. | 29. This film is perfect. | 30. This is taking up most of my time recently (not a complaint, you understand).

7 March 2013

Subtle blooms

Blue coat: RIVER ISLAND | Floral playsuit: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Ever since dying my hair orange I've had to put extra thought into what I choose to wear.  Let me tell you, not a lot goes with orange, including my bright yellow jumper which I usually wear all the time.  Not like I'm complaining, it's been awesome being an orange head.  One colour that I do think works with it, though, is navy blue.  Simple, not too bright and thus balances out with bold hair colour.  The floral print goes perfectly and a simple, chic playsuit is the ideal item just to throw on (although not when you go for a tinkle and find that suddenly you're getting nearly naked).  I grabbed this baby in the Christmas sale for £20, that'll definitely do for me.  I haven't worn it with the bright blue coat before but I actually think they go really well when worn together, non?  In the summer, if it ever does get warmer here in the UK, I look forward to wearing it sans tights with a shirt (just typed 'shit' and very nearly didn't notice) underneath.
My last few blog posts was all around me and my birthday and going to Paris, I haven't posted since last weekend - having a needed small break which every blogger has now and again - and to update you guys, I never went to Paris.  I was meant to go on Thursday, early evening, so I spent the whole day buying last minute things, rushing around and packing my bag.  I got to the coach, stayed for about ten minutes and decided to go home.  Why?  Social anxiety, that's why.  I was going with about 140 people and yet I had no one to go with and was going on my own.  I got there, saw everyone in groups, started worrying about everything which I'd been pushing out of mind before and decided it was best for me to walk away.  I thought this was chickening out but my parents have been terribly supportive and have convinced me it was actually a brave thing to walk away and act upon a pretty crazy decision (I have the best parents ever, don't cha know?).  So I have to not even think about all of my money I've wasted on it - because I could have bought a lot of pretty clothes with that amount - and just know that I did the right thing for me.  A few emotional hours later I was home late Thursday night, got a hug and an Indian takeaway and spent my birthday here the day after.  I didn't do much due to the fact I wasn't meant to be in the country, but I had a lovely, chilled day with my mum and had a meal with my dad the night after, so a birthday spent at home with the family is perfect for me.  Paris, we will meet at some point, and I think we'll get on pretty damn well when we do, but just not right now.
Let's see how being nineteen treats me...

2 March 2013

Book Club: 'Me Before You'

- NO SPOILERS- This is my first Jojo Moyes book which I've read, I have bought another one since but haven't read that yet.  I finished it a few months ago but the story has stayed with me since.  It is definitely a weepy, but I'm always welcome to them, I find it kind of beautiful how words, these little black things on a page, can make someone emotional.  It's a thought-provoking book (my favourites) about love, soul-searching and letting go.
In a sentence the plot of the story is a woman taking care of a quadriplegic man and, when accidentally discovering his intentions, she sets herself the mission of giving him reason to live.  The subject of physical disability is dealt with in a sensitive and compassionate manner.  It really hit home with me when I was reading about Will's daily life, in which he has to rely on people to do everything except move his head.  He's a man full of life and adventure, making it even more heartbreaking.  His sould is hungry for something that can never be his again.  If this book won't encourage you to get out there and live your life - a lesson which main character Lou has also to learn - then I don't know what will.  My personal definition of 'love' is when you care about someone's happiness more than your own, and if they're happy, then that's what really matters, and this book definitely reflected that.
I correctly predicted the outcome pretty much before opening the book, but how it got there was beautiful and moving.  It really makes you think 'Well, what if I was in the position?', referring to both of the main characters.  It touches ethical issues such as the right to die, something which I've always believed in and thus only adds to the beauty of the book.  A must-read.