30 October 2012

Black & white bouquet

Another day, another new dress.  I checked my bank balance yesterday, though, so I think this will be my last new dress ANYTHING for a while.  It's not good man, not good at all.  I can't complain too much though as it as left me with this lovely dress, as well as half of Topshop.  I added it to my 'Wishlist' on Pinterest the other day, and a mere few hours later I was buying it.  What grabbed my attention was the floral details, which look like you've roughly cut them out and just stuck them on, and as a result I think they look really great contrasted against the very straight, even stripes.  It's not one of the most colourful items, and I'm not someone to shy away from wearing colour, but thanks to this I can now wear it when it's colder, like now, but also when it's summer, minus the tights and the woolly hat of course.  Does anyone else do that?  When they see a piece of clothing they like and want to buy it, they have to put some thought into it first to make sure they can wear it all year round and more than once?  You'd think I'd save lots of money by doing this, but I can't see any clear evidence of that.  Ahem.
I added the faux fur gil├ęt mainly because I couldn't leave the house in just a dress, I ain't that crazy.  Also when wearing that plus the cable knit hat I had taken a simple, floral dress and included it into a snug, autumnal outfit.  Simples.  I also thought the hat and the shoes injected just the right amount of colour into this monochromatic look, giving it a slight twist.
How do you wear dresses for the a/w season?  Maybe you just stay well away and stick to jeans?
Hope you all had a nice weekend, anyway.  I had a long one as it's employability week at my university, which meant I had yesterday off (take that, Monday!).  It's actually been a bit boring today and the only good session was when some final year students told us about their placement at Burberry, Adidas and Mexx.  A placement at Burberry would be a dream, apparently they're very corporate with their staff, but hey, it's BURBERRY, what else can you expect?
Hopefully tomorrow is more fun and interesting, which it should be because brands like ASOS and Arcadia are coming in to give us a speech on placements with them for our third year, so fingers crossed!
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28 October 2012

Three ways to wear... A checkered shirt

Purple checkered shirt: HEARTS & BOWS via ARK (c/o)

With skinny jeans... Shirts are so versatile simply due to the fact that you can button them up and have the sleeves down one day, and do the exact opposite the next.  The shirt is definitely oversized and looks like you've pinched it off your boyfriend (which is just how I like them to be) so teaming them with skin-hugging skinny jeans seemed like an obvious choice.  Boyish, but cool.
Tied at the waist... If you think the trend of tying your sweater/shirt around your waist had retired, you can think again.  Things like chokers and creepers are having a big comeback, too, so it's obvious that 90s fashion is having a revival this season, which is fine with me.
With Converse & a beanie hat... This look is kept simple and toned down.  The shirt, which hasn't been buttoned all the way to the top and the sleeves have been rolled up, has been tucked into a simple skater skirt.  A beanie hat is a great accessory to add to any outfit, so I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one.
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27 October 2012

Winter fashpiration - Balmain A/W '12

Pictures from Vogue.co.uk

I have said it before and I will happily say it again: Olivier Rousteing for Balmain is quickly becoming my favourite designer.  This was his second season designing for the label, and I loved pretty much all of his Spring '13 collection too.  Never before have I wanted to work a cool, rock n' roll edge to my outfits than I do after seeing these looks down the runway.  Was it all black and leather though?  Nope, not at all.  The luxe fabrics were embellished with more feminine touches, cue lots of pearls, jewels and gold.  I really like it when designers take something other than a trend to use for their inspiration, and this collection has lots of cultural references.
It's definitely got a 'effortlessly chic French woman' look about it, as in she hasn't had to do anything to her make-up or hair, she's gone out of the door in something high-fashion and yet is acting like it's not big deal at all.  The girl who every other girl looks at and thinks 'Shit, she's cool'.
Damn, I want to be a Balmain girl.
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Friday Favourites

I get style inspiration from several places but the main sources of my inspiration are fashion blogs, and without them I wouldn't have started mine. I catch up with them everyday and I don't only admire their pictures but I read what they have to say because I love finding out where they got their inspiration from for that particular outfit. This is where my fashion inspiration has come from this week, so they deserve at least a little bit of credit!

1. Checkered shirt, high-waisted shorts, a bowler hat and a pair of Dr. Martens.  Yep, this is good.  Real good.
2. This reminds me of the Balmain A/W '12 collection, which can only be a good thing.  I need me some of these trousers.
3. If you ever want to pull off dressing similar to a man, which I totally do, then use this look for inspiration.
4. I love the mixture of these two prints.  Simple but effective.
5. Berry colours, pleather collars and statement necklaces are where it's at this winter.  Perfection.
6. I fell in love with this outfit straight away, I kinda' sorta' really want a tartan print scarf, now.
7. Autumn is my favourite season for a lot of things, and one of those is Halloween.  I never thought someone would pull off looking like a skeleton so well, but Kavita definitely does.
8. I suddenly want to buy numerous jackets in different textures and start layering them.  I really like the colour of this green one.  Lovely.
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24 October 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. This would give a nice touch to any outfit, and I'm pretty sure that if I bought it I'd never have it off my neck.
2. God, how freaking cool is this jacket?  I am so not over studs, in fact the more the better, I say.
3. I think this would look so good as part of a casual, toned down outfit for the A/W season.
4. Chokers are coming back, and if there's one thing I loved wearing when I was a kid, it was a choker.  Totally going to rock one of these.
5. I've had my eye on this tee for a while, baroque is associated with glam, embellished items, so I like how this t-shirt goes the other way with its grey material, giving it a casual feel.
6. One simply cannot have enough hats for the winter, I have discovered.  I like the colour of this one.
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23 October 2012

Dungarees dress

Indigo denim dungarees dress, fairisle knit snood, jewellery & black coated bowling bag: TOPSHOP |
Fine knit jumper: ZARA |

This dress is a new purchase from last week.  I saw it online and it didn't catch my attention within the first second or so like some things do, but I started thinking about it and thought 'Actually, that's quite a unique but versatile piece, and is different from anything which I usually wear', so I added it to my Wishlist.  The next day, what do you know, I'm in Topshop and searching for it.  It wasn't easy to find, but luckily I spotted it, hiding behind some other items on one of the bottom rails.  They didn't have that many, and even more luckily I managed to grab the only one in my size.  I did decide to try it on first, which I never do, if I like something in a picture/on a shelf, I know I am going to like it when it's on me.  And I confess that I think trying things on is too much effort.  But I thought differently about this dress, because it is so different from what I've worn before I had to see if it looked right on, and I actually did really like it.  I know dungarees items are usually more of a hit in summer, but due to the dark, indigo colour I think this is a perfect piece for winter, as well as being adaptable for the summer season.  Bonus.  Fastening this dungarees makes me feel like a kid again, as I remember saying 'No Mummy, I want to do it on my own!' and then being so proud of myself because I succeeded.
Despite that, I am hoping this dress doesn't make me look like an overgrown child (or Mario, who my boyfriend said I looked like...), hence why I chose to wear it with my simple, black knitted top underneath rather than diving in at the deep end and teaming it with a t-shirt.  I do plan to do that at some point, though, so you'll have to watch this space.
The snood is also another new purchase from Saturday which you'll already know if you read yesterday's outfit post.  I am probably going to end up wearing it with eighty percent of my outfits as it is now my ideal accessory for this season.  I kind of want the matching hat, too...
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21 October 2012

T-shirt dress

Berry speckle t-shirt dress, fairisle knit snood & cream pom pom hat: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

I love Autumn.  My mum and I decided to go for a walk yesterday as the weather was nice and wintery.  Sunny and chilly, yet not cold enough that you need to put your big coat on.  Perfect.  On our way back we admired the orange sunset and lilac sky, the orange leaves on the trees and the smell of fire coming from somewhere really added to the festive feel of it all.  And you know what, I think that there is no better way to celebrate a winter's day than to go for a nice stroll in clothes which reflect the weather, i.e. dark colours like berry shades, a snug hat and cosy scarf, and a dark lipstick wouldn't go amiss, either!  So that's exactly what I did, and now I am started to get excited for Christmas, which isn't good as it's far too early and by the time Christmas actually comes I will have no festive spirit left in me (I know this because I did the exact same thing last year).  Watching my favourite Christmas movie 'Love Actually' (for the twentieth time, no exaggeration) at the end of the night probably didn't help, but hey.
Before our walk we nipped into town to do a spot of shopping.  And by a 'spot', I mean a really big dollop.  You know when you take a while to find something you like, and then when you finally buy the first thing that's it then, and you end up easily buying loads of more things?  Yeah, well that happened. 
I started off with a green blazer from the River Island sale, and then some knickers from Topshop.  I then thought 'That's it now, I'm done'.  Paid at the till.  Walked to the door, saw something else I liked on the way out, and boom.  I picked that up as well as another two things.  It's my mother's fault, really, I was encouraging her to buy a dress and she said 'If you buy something I will', so I picked up this dress.  In my defence, I have had my eye on it ever since it dropped online, so I'm actually really glad I got given the push to buy it.  I bought it in a size up as I didn't want it to be body hugging but wanted the loose, baggy effect.  I know I will wear this so many times throughout the year, so I am definitely happy with it and keeping my eyes out for other colours.
I then went on to buy the snood, which is an item I've never even seen before yesterday in the shop.  It's not something which I usually go for, which makes me like it even more.  The colours are so lovely and it's really soft, which is always hard to say 'no' to.  The hat was an easy pick for me as I have the green version which I can't get enough of, so it was only a matter of time before I purchased it in another colour.  I really want the navy blue one, too.  Watch this space...
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Mine has been nice and chilled, I hope this weather continues into the week.
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Fashion month S/S '13 inspiration, part 2

Calvin Klein Collection | Blumarine | Balmain
Balmain | Street style | Christopher Kane
Lanvin | Marchesa | Frankie Morello
Temperley London | Street style | Stella McCartney
Topshop Unique | Street style
Stella McCartney | Temperley London | Street style
Street style | Street style | Topshop Unique
Alberta Ferretti | Balmain | Street style
Marios Schwab | Street style | Oscar de la Renta
Street style | Street style | Just Cavalli
Gianfranco Ferre | Roberto Cavalli
Balmain | Street style | Christopher Kane
Street style | Balmain | Emilio Pucci
Erdem | Street style | Missoni
Balmain | Street style | KTZ
Erdem | Gianfranco Ferre | Balmain
Francesco Scognamiglio | Giambattista Valli | Just Cavalli
Gianfranco Ferre | Street style | KTZ
Balmain | Ashley Isham | Balenciaga
Viktor & Rolf | Street style | Temperley London
Marchesa | Roberto Cavalli | Salvatore Ferragamo
Roberto Cavalli | Salvatore Ferragamo | Street style
Salvatore Ferragamo | Marios Schwab | Street style
Viktor & Rolf | Veronique Leroy | Street style

There is a lot of looks I've liked off the S/S '13 runways, as you can see, but I rarely like a collection as a whole.  I don't know why this is, but for every ten outfits I probably like one, if that.  A collection I did really like though is Balmain's, who is definitely the most featured designer here.  I also loved his last collection, so Olivier Rousteing is quickly becoming my favourite designer.  He used the Nineties as his main inspiration, cue lots of big, exaggerated shoulders, hoop earrings and high-waisted trousers.  Another collection I liked is Salvatore Ferragamo's, aimed at tough, confident women.  Lots of black, lace and gold chains, a man after my own heart.  As you may be able to see, I much preferred the dark, punky runway shows, which had a gothic edge.  Maybe this is because my head is obviously still in winter fashion, but I do really like the idea of not going down the usual route for summer and just wearing pastels all the time.
My representation of fashion month might not show it so well, but each week was full of bright colours, different shapes and bold print (snakeskin is still going to be huge, people).
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