24 January 2013

'Cause I'm aching and I know you are too

Stripe dress: TOPSHOP | Watch: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: CONVERSE

This dress is beautiful.  I didn't realise how much so until looking back over these pictures.  I bloody adore it.  As well as the playsuit I showed you in last night's post, I also grabbed this in the sale.  I got this for the same price - £20 - but this was reduced from £60.  Sixty.  When I looked at the tag in the shop my eyes nearly popped out of my head, that's a saving of forty whole pounds.  One could buy another dress at full price with that.  Dayummmm.
Again I hadn't seen this before until I spotted it on the sales rack, but once I'd had my eye on it I couldn't leave it.  Oh no no no.  I think a lot of girls, despite their styles, sometimes just want an amazing dress which is going to make them feel good.  For me, this is the dress.  I usually go for casual dresses which are more daytime appropriate, but nothing about this dress exactly screams 'I'm just going out to the shops'.  I do have a tendency to overdress, though, and seeing as I don't go on glamorous nights out or for restaurant meals (hint hint, I'd be happy for someone to take me on one, k thnx) then I just think "why the hell not?".  What is stopping me from wearing this to uni?  Uh, nothing.
The shape of the dress is one I really like.  There was a dress in a coral colour in the exact same shape in Topshop's summer stock, and I wanted to get my hands on that one but didn't end up doing, so this is my first one in the shape.  I don't know what it is, I suppose it's because it's kind of boyish and simple?  Not making sense?  Never mind.  The colours match my style perfectly as I don't have a girlie-girl style so I can still wear a dress without it being too, er, fluffy.  Argh, this is just my IDEAL dress for ANYTHING.  And I got it for twenty quid!  The Converse and red lipstick just make it even more perfecto.
Today I went to see 'Les Mis√©rables', and it was bloody beautiful.  Hugh Jackman and Eddie Redmayne (who I've never even come across before - hotttt!) completely stole the show for me.  The fact that all the singing was done live just made it loads better.  Mum and I are massive criers when it comes to movies and I've heard a lot of people say they 'cried like four times', but we only did twice.  We were terrible at the ending though, which wasn't even that sad it's just 'cause they were singing beautifully and BOOM I was an emotional wreck.  I'm not even massively into musicals but it's a very lovely film.  Have you seen?  What did you think?
I also got another tattoo, will post about that tomorrow!
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  1. gorgeous dress! always better to be overdressed than under. You really suit the red lipstick! x

  2. That dress looks amazing on you! xxx

  3. That is sucha great saving :) You're right it is beautiful and I love how you've made it more casual with converse!!



  4. I LOVE this dress. Drop waists are so gorgeous but look so bad on me so I'm really jealous how much you can pull it off ha. I don't think it looks overdressed either - as always, your Converse/red lips combo has done wonderful things to the dress! I sound a bit over enthusiastic here haha but I do really bloody love this outfit.

    Elise x

    1. DROP WAIST! Thank you! Been trying to remember that ever since I got this bloody dress. Ah thanks so much, and your enthusiasm is very flattering. :))))

  5. I LOVE this dress! A girl I work with wore it to our Christmas party and I thought it looked so pretty...I saw one left in the sale but it wasn't my size :( I looks great on you :) xx


  6. Firstly LOVE this dress and I loved Les Mis! Big fan of Eddie too lol :-) x