6 January 2013

Sunday sum up

1. It's okay to have Christmas dinner after Christmas, right? | 2. My obsession with Tom Hardy has resulted in him being my Twitter background. | 3. This was after two hours sleep, decided to stay in bed.

4. Happy new year's! | 5. Bed time reading. | 6. It was a leather pants & band tee kinda' day.

7. Same photo as #6, damn I knew I messed up somewhere! | 8. Guess the film! |
9. My outfit matched the tape on the floor in my mum's office.

10. In the cinemas about to watch 'The Impossible'. | 11. Jamming to Prince!  'Puuuurple rain, puuuuuurple raaaain!' |
12. Just filmed a Youtube video, I like to wear wooly hats inside, ok?

13. It's awesome when new issues arrive! | 14. OOTD, leather pants, baroque tee & blue Converse. |
15. Easter eggs in Tesco, yep.  IT'S JANUARY, PEOPLE.

16. My first Youtube video ever is up! (Click here) | 17. Nothing better to help you chill out than some scented candles. |
18. Come to meee, my preciousss!

19. It's yooou, it's yooou, it's alll for yooou... | 20. I fell in love with a table. |
21. Mum and I went shopping!

22. Bed time! | 23. Packing to go back to uni, boo hoo. |
24. Back in Manchester, the first thing I did was go shopping, naturally.

One of my goals for 2013 was to 'take pictures of random shit', so that is what I'm doing.  You can follow me on Instagram here.


  1. Now that is a beautiful twitter background ;)



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  3. i love your blog and these posts are my favourite

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