25 January 2013

Inked #4

Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na BATMANNNNN!  Yesterday I woke up feeling, y'know, pretty cool, and last night I went to bed feeling AWESOME.  This is all down to my new tattoo.  It's not one I've been planning to get for ages, the idea only came to me last week, the night before I getting my 'Wanderlust' tattoo, but sometimes life is too short and you just have to say 'What the hell!' and be a little bit spontaneous.  I know there will be a fair few people who think 'What the bloody hell has she done that for?' but to that I just say 'It's a good job I get tattoos for me then, innit?'.  Although finding a guy who thinks it's totally hot (coughhhhhh TOM HARDY PLEASE) would be a bonus.  Will it look cool when I'm eighty?  Probably not, and I don't give a fudge.  LIVE A LITTLE, PEOPLE.
It's the logo for 'The Dark Knight Rises'.  I did contemplate getting just the bat symbol, but since it's the last film which is my favourite and the reason I'm obsessed, I thought it was better to get the logo for that specific film.  It's meant to be like a smashed effect and you can check out the proper image here.  I am so happy with how it's come out and I think the size is perfect.
I planned to get it under my arm (but so it will be above my bra strap) so it's easily hideable but I can show it off when I want with drop hole sleeve tops.  Now, the pain.  It took about half an hour and the first half - the outline - was okay (as okay as getting a tattoo can be).  Once he started filling it in, it was okay, but for about the last ten minutes I did start to really feel it, it was like a burning sensation.  I expected nothing less, I know the ribs are known for being quite a painful place to get inked, and the tattooist called me 'mental' and 'very brave', and he's bloody covered in tattoos.  I'm not bad with pain at all but I was happy for it to be over.  It did swell up and from looking at the above picture it's started to bruise a bit but that doesn't bother me, it should look normal within a couple of weeks after the 'flakey' phase.  It's still stinging now when something touches it but at the end of the day I'm well chuffed with it and I feel like this just about expresses my love for the film.
I might be a geek but tattoos are badass so I feel like it balances it out.
Yeah, let's go with that.


  1. i absolutely love tattoos and this one is soso cool! i can't wait to get another one :) ox

  2. ahhhhh I love every single one of your tattoo's!! now this one is just amazing.. but ouch! brave you! xx

  3. AHH! IT LOOKS SO AMAZING! I'm way too scared to get one, but maybe someday!

    Ava Tallulah

  4. You go girl, this tattoo looks incredible!
    I'm planing on getting a tattoo based on my favourite band hah! xo

    1. Ah thanks so much Zoe! Ohhh really, what do you want to get?!

  5. Awesome tattoo! It looks incredible :)x