31 January 2012

Peacock feathers


So the constant cold weather SUCKS, brrr.  I am really running out of things to wear to keep me warm and yet relatively stylish.  There are only so many outfits which I can include this jumper in!  I don't usually wear these shorts as I don't think they look right with a lot of things, but they were a nice change from skinny jeans and bodycon skirts, much more comfier.
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30 January 2012

How I'd wear it: the pencil skirt

Dun dun dunnnn.
I love skirts.  Floaty, mini, bodycon... If it shows legs, I will take it.  But there's one type which I've been avoiding: the pencil skirt.  I'm a teenager and I don't work in an office, and for these reasons I have assumed, for the past however many years, that pencil skirts aren't allowed anywhere near my wardrobe.  But, fortunately or unfortunately, pencil skirts have been the skirt du jour for the past few seasons.  And seeing as I'm nearly officially a grown up I think now is probably an appropriate time to start looking more grown up.  But this does not mean I want to start looking like I am actually going to the office, if you look at a lot of pencil skirts which are being stocked at the moment they're in a variety of colours.  This Topshop one is the favourite which I've seen, plus it would also tick off the 'print' trend which is going to be big this summer (and every other one).
I'd definitely team it with more toned down items, like grey tees, to keep myself at least a little bit in my comfort zone.  And I can't forget a pair of le Converse! (one doesn't have to look COMPLETELY grown up, right?)  I think they would give the skirt a really interesting twist too, especially in this colour.  *adds to 'must buy' list* I also thought a few accessories would do a great job or bringing out some of the amazing colours in the skirt too, hence the neon pink watch and aqua-blue necklace.
Before you know it, office-workers everywhere will be jealous of the pencil skirts we can wear to a completely casual occasion.  This is probably definitely one of the best investment pieces you could buy...  Now, where's my credit card?
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29 January 2012

Midnight blue


I'm going to be really boring and say I haven't got a lot to say today, but here is what I wore.
Hope you have a nice week!
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28 January 2012

Blue hues

Happy saturday!  Was planning a day of mostly chilling today but I ended up going to Manchester.  With five boys.  I have now discovered that boys don't shop, they actually just shout random words in the middle of shops, try on the stupidest hats they can find and talk about COD.  I got no shopping done (Topshop isn't really the place for teenage boys to shout 'penis!').  Probably for the best though, I'll be pleased that I didn't spend anything come tomorrow!
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27 January 2012

Sunshine on a cloudy day


Trying to brighten up this dull day in my bright yellow jumper but it seems to have just started raining harder since I put it on so I'm not sure it's quite working... I have finished college for the weekend now, and I'm going to make the most of it as this will be the only weekend before summer in which I won't have to revise or feel guilty about not revising.  I am going to the cinemas tonight to watch 'The Grey', Sam and I have no idea what it's about but we have a bit of a crush on Liam Neeson which is why we chose that one, I also quite fancy that new George Clooney film though.
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26 January 2012

Maxi dress


So this is how I try to pull off a maxi dress for the day time, ta-daaah.  It's great because the dress has a high neckline, long sleeves and jersey-style material which really help to make it a relatively casual dress, you know, despite the sexy thigh split... It comes in a few other colours too, including black, but I decided to be a bit more daring, and I've loved burgundy this season and I thought it would look great with some vampy red lips to.  I bought this dress for my work's Christmas meal a month ago and teamed it with some leopard print loafers (forever picking comfort over amazing-looking legs), and I thought it would be a shame to only wear it once so I thought, 'How could I adapt this to my everyday wardrbobe?' and this is what I came up with, and I am pretty pleased with the outcome!  Converse make everything more casual, don't they?  Life savers.  I really need to get a bit of variety though, I actually have about eight pairs of them, oops... I even have a pair which are a size too small for me but I can't bring myself to chuck any, that would be like a crime in the world of shoes.  I've seen quite a few bloggers and street-stylers team a maxi dress with tights and I loved how it looked so that is where my inspiration came from.
I have just got home from college after my Chemistry exam, and fortuantely I feel like it went really well, and I never feel like that after exams, so fingers crossed for results day in March!
What do you think of wearing a maxi dress during the day?  How would you wear it?
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25 January 2012

Wishful wednesday

Wishful wednesday is definitely full of wishing as I am forbidding myself from spending anything at the moment as I am doing so well with saving up and I will be disappointed if I ruin it!  I even went into town for a bit today and looked around Topshop, River Island, New Look and Superdrug, and bought nothing.  I thought I'd at least end up buying a few jewellery pieces in Topshop, but nope!  Yes, I was practically quickly running round each shop with my hands covering my eyes, but that's not the point... Mexican wave in celebration of me...?  I've really been wanting a clutch recently since I saw this blog post but can't seem to find one like that anywhere, however I do like this snake print one for the time being!  Bad Passion is a site which I came across the other day and there's loads of great stuff on there, the first thing I saw was these earrings and I knew I liked the site already.  The maxi dress is probably not appropiate for going to college in, is it?  But I love it anyway with the cut-out detail, with my trusty Converse I can adapt it to daytime wearing, right..?  I've also been searching high and low for some casual, everyday heels and I adore these ones, but at over fifty quid they probably just belong on this list at the moment...
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Red ruffles


I bought this dress at least a year ago, or something like that, because I loved it when it was £87 (it was by either ASOS Black or ASOS White, hence the price) so when it got reduced to £27 I snapped it up straight away.  It is quite a statement piece so I don't really accessorize apart from this simple belt, although I have no idea where it came from and have never really worn it before today, but I like how it gives a little shape to the dress because I feel like I look a little lost in it otherwise!  The dress is a lovely colour too, I originally wanted it in nude but I liked it in this too, and burgundy has been huge this season so I can't complain.  I love how it really makes my nail varnish pop too, it doesn't go with the dress at all but that isn't a bad thing, I don't think.  I love the effect.
I had my English Language & Literature exam yesterday and am so hoping I did okay amazingly, it's the subject which I need my highest mark in and thus an A is probably the minimum grade I expect of myself!  I have a Chemistry exam tomorrow and then that's it for exams until summer.  I love the feeling of not having to do any hardcore revision for a while because it means that I can start doing all the things I've had to stop for the past few weeks, i.e. reading magazines/books (I'm on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books at the moment, obsessed!) and catching up with other blogs - I think I currently have two hundred and something unread posts on my bloglovin at the moment - so three o' clock tomorrow afternoon couldn't come much quicker really.  So that's my plan for the night - revision, but I will make sure to pop up a 'Wishful Wednesday' post later.
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24 January 2012

Pastel palette

Pastels are going to be huge this summer and I don't need to explain why really, with their connotations of ice cream and what not, mmm... I haven't really bought any yet as the weather here is definitely not ready for it, despite that fact that retail stores are now stocked with bikinis, but I will definitely be purchasing some items in lilac, and aqua blue too.  Coloured denim is appearing everywhere in all kinds of pastel shades at the moment, so they'd probably be the easiest thing to inject a bit of this trend into your wardrobe.
I've started my exams this week so my college timetable is a bit all over the place but if the weather works out okay then I should have one up tomorrow, yippeee.
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23 January 2012

tattoo inspiration

Getting a tattoo has always been something I've wanted to do as you can see on my list, and since it's coming up to my eighteenth birthday I've been putting quite a lot of thought into what to get and where to get it.  I think the first place where I would get one is on my back, as then it's easily hidden just in case but you can show it if you want to. I especially take inspiration from Rihanna and Freja Beha's tattoos (who is pictured twice above), who have quite a few ones but they're relatively subtle.  I like the idea of having one word, but I'm not sure which word I would get... And the picture of the tattoo down the spine bone, I cannot get out of my head, the back is probably my favourite place on a person's body, there's something so delicate yet attractive about it, I think.
Do you have a tattoo?  What would you get?
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22 January 2012

Little red dress


Before I bought this dress I realised I had nothing red in my wardobe, and yet studies have shown that men would spend more money on a woman in red, compared with the same woman wearing a blue shirt, so I thought: 'Why the hell is my wardrobe not full of this colour?!'.  I thought this dress would be the perfect thing to introduce it to my every-colour-but-red filled wardrobe.  It's quite a casual item of clothing so it is easy for me to wear to college, and I thought I could wear it in the summer too, avec a denim jacket, so I couldn't say no really could I?  Still waiting for the day when a man comes up to me and gives me a wad of cash, though... 
In other news, it was my last day at my job yesterday which is a shame, I doubt I'll get another one now until I go to university.  Hopefully things will work out for the best. 
I hope you're all having a nice relaxing Sunday.   I, on the other hand, will be studying Hamlet...
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