21 April 2013

Sunday sum up

1. Whassat? | 2. My Tuesday. | 3. When life gives you lemons (grapefruits, whatever) tattoo them!

4. Love so far! | 5. Get in me nowww! | 6. Can you guess what I'm sketching?

7. It's a monkey! | 8. I'm shopping again, ssshhh! | 9. On the bus with my new friends, my very expensive new friends...

10. If you're the man who owns this car, you should call me xxx | 11. Mum in my SKINNY jeans, we chuckled at this. | 12. Have you ever seen Batman and I in the same room?  Think about it...

13. These fit so perfect I could cry. | 14. Wheeeeeee. | 15. This outfit is smokin'.

16. OOTD. | 17. It's pretty nice now init? | 18. Trying out this, it smells lush.

Batman baseball style top: PRIMARK | Grey wool beanie hat: TOPMAN | High waisted leather shorts: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

I don't really shop in Primark, and this is for a number of reasons:

1. Up until I started reading a lot of blogs, I was a clothes snob; I was sticking to Topshop.
2. I'd never been near one until starting uni in Manchester last year, and now I'm back home I'm far away from one again.
3. All the people!  Once I am in public I am one of the most impatient people you could meet.  As soon as I step in Primark I go from 0 - Frustrated in the space of three seconds. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING IN THE MIDDLE OF A STORE FULL OF PEOPLE?  BITCH!  (I'm joking.  Kind of...)

However, things have changed, as here I am in a Primark item!  This is my third item from there actually, I got another piece in the same visit as this one and the first thing I ever bought from them was some pyjama pants (so maybe that doesn't count?).  I had a trip to Manchester the weekend before last for a bloggers' meet up, but after realising at the meet up that an hour had passed and I hadn't had any conversations with anyone, I decided to leave and do what I am good at - shopping!  (I clearly have issues.)
I've realised though that I don't go into Primark unless there's an item(s) which I am specifically looking for.  On this trip there were two - both spotted on Lily - and I just knew I had to have them.  I was doubtful in my search as it took me five times the usual time it takes me to find something (the store is far too big me) but I got there in the end!  I walked out with two pieces of clothing for less than twenty pounds altogether, reminding me of the reason why so many bloggers love it in there.

As a fan of Batman, buying this top for a mere six pounds was definitely something to get excited about.  I think I bought it in a size 16 - the largest they had - as at the time I had no idea if this meant adult sizes or age 16?  But after trying it on I can see it was intended for women, not girls, but I don't mind at all and I wanted it to have that baggy, loose look anyway.
This is my first time wearing it since buying and I knew it'd look great tucked into these very new faux leather shorts, picked up in the sale section of Topshop.  The beanie and the Chucks add to the whole geek chic feel of the look, so I just think that the leather material makes it look slightly more grown up (although not much).  Saying that, though, in summer I will be going all out and teaming this with some denim shorts, probably resulting in me looking like a young child, but I'll werk it.
I felt like a superhero for the whole time wearing this, but unfortunately a short while after taking these photos I spilt sauce down it.  Not exactly a cool, heroic thing to do, huh?

18 April 2013

Rocket Man

Gold quilted bomber jacket, rocket t-shirt & black studded flatforms: TOPSHOP | Black pleather skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND

At the time (still now, actually) I didn't have the money to spend on t-shirts which I wanted because 'it has the coolest print I've ever seen!', but, as you can see, I bought it anyway.  Hi, I'm Demi, and I have a serious shopping addiction.  Y'know what though?  Despite constantly having a heavy cloud full of guilt looming over my head, I always thank myself for buying whatever item it may be, because I always wear them.  I mean, if I'm still buying clothes when I can't afford clothes, then I obviously must adore said clothes.  I am getting myself into debt for them, after  all.
One item which I'm especially thankful to past me for is this awesome (REALLY awesome!) t-shirt.  Big high five for me, from me!

I usually wear it with black skinny pants as they're simple and easily go with just about anything.  However I went for the skirt option today.  Not too out there seeing as it's still black - phew! - but makes a nice change.  The bomber jacket maybe was a bit of a risky addition but I think the gold goes really well with the blues and the reds in the print, so that was a good job!  The jacket also subtly matched with my shoes thanks to their gold studs, so it all worked out.  I did think about wearing my grey beanie but if I don't learn to say no to myself then I would wear it every day. 
No, really.

Weekly Wishlist: Topshop sale edition

1. Howwwww cool are these?  Not in my size though, my heart cries!
2. This isn't in stock online, but I can still pretend... The colours are lush.
3. I already have a similar skirt but I've worn it that much it's not in great condition, this would be a perfect replacement.
4. Think I'll buy these, mum pointed out the other week how she liked them, so it won't just be me wearing them either!  Cost per wear would be very low.
5. Such a great, simplistic piece.  Ideal for summer.
6. Wanted this when it was full price, am tempted!
7. I have this in black and cannot get enough of it, so it only makes sense to buy this one as well now it's half price.

So there's what I'd buy in the sale, have you/will you be buying anything?  Let me know your finds!

16 April 2013

Red leather pants

Grey oversized tank top: ASOS | Red skinny leather pants: RIVER ISLAND | Black studded flatforms & black leather jacket: TOPSHOP

I'm not sure if I can or ever will be able to get away with double leather, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  There's still a lot of haters out there of double denim, and I never shyed away from trying that, sooo...?
As is the rule when wearing double denim: two different shades are essential.  So I must be close to getting away with the leather version if I'm not only wearing two different shades, but two completely different colours?  Had I worn a matching leather jacket then, yes, you'd have every right to wonder what the hell I was doing.

Both the pants and the top are new (as was at least one item in all of my recent posts - I really should do a haul).  I didn't have to put any second thought into buying either of them.  The red leather pants are something which I've wanted ever since I can remember, and in this exact very-nearly-too-bright-for-the-camera shade, so I felt very lucky when I found them.  Oh, and I feel like I'm missing out a vital piece of information... Ah yes, I got them in the sale.  For fifteen pounds.  Oh fashion gods you do treat me well.
I'm not much a tank top wearer, I wore enough of them to make up for a lifetime when I was about thirteen, but the fit of this one is perfection.  It falls in all the right places meaning all my tats are on show (and I didn't hesistate to show that fact...).  I think the grey colour tones down the bright pants really well.  What do you think of the trousers, would you even go there?
Today I tattooed fruit.  It was fun.  And I only got a tiny squirt in the eye once.  I also got my tattoo started on yesterday, so watch this space to see that...

14 April 2013

Sunday sum up

1. Have I been shopping in my sleep again? | 2. So I ripped a hole in my favourite bra and decided to rip it all out, I quite like it... | 3. New top.

4. Here's what happens if I don't brush after dry shampooing, roarrrr! | 5. I wear hats and lipstick inside, is that as bad as wearing sunglasses inside? | 6. My morning.

7. OOTD. | 8. Strange shaped box, hmmm? | 9. Walking home.

10. Problems of a tattooing apprentice... | 11. "Muuum, get me a spooon!" | 12. Favourite. <3

13. I genuinely don't remember ordering this.  I have issues. | 14. OOTD. | 15. Nooo!

16. Playing dress up. | 17. Saturday night. | 18. Tat.

19. Mah face. | 20. I get to wake up to this beauty every morning. | 21. Forgot mah pants.

Don't dream it, be it...

Oversized Rihanna t-shirt: RIVER ISLAND | Grey beanie hat: TOPMAN | Stockings/hold ups: MARKS & SPENCER | Biker boots: ASOS

Over the past week or so I've been pondering the question 'Is it okay to show your stockings in public?'.  I mean, obviously they are when they look like a pair of tights, but I'm talking about when people can actually see your garter belt straps.  In fact I've been wondering this ever since I saw a blogger rocking a thigh high split maxi skirt showing off her stockings underneath, this was sometime last year, and she looked absolutely smoking (can't find said post, gahh!).  Lydia from Fashion Influx also regularly rocks them. 
The main reason why I've finally been encouraged to wear them, though, is because I went to see 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' in theatre the other week, which not only meant I finally had a pair of stockings in my wardrobe, but I loved everyone's costumes - cast and audience - so much that it inspired me and I wanted to find a way to incorporate that sexiness into my daytime look.  As much as I loved wearing a corset (first time for me!) and a tiny skirt, you wouldn't see me walking round Tesco in that ensemble.  The thing I love about Rocky Horror though is the 'fuck you society I'm gonna be who I want to be!' message it conveys, so I just kinda thought 'Y'know what, life's too short to wear pants everyday, and these are the years which my body's gonna be at its best, so why not show it off?'.  Aaaaand so I am doing.

As the amazing Frank-N-Furter put it: "Give yourself over to absolute pleasure".

So, to answer the question, stockings are thought of as lingerie, so no, they're not acceptable to wear in public, really.  Buuuuut I'm gonna do it anyway.  SOLVED.
So if you're thinking about wearing them yourself, which you probably aren't but I said 'if', then here's an idea of how to.  I will try out the split maxi skirt one because I was totally inspired by that, but for today I'm going for this.  Stockings/hold ups are, of course, very feminine and very, very sexy (well... I think so!) so I tried my very best to contrast this as much as I could with the clothes that I wore with them.  In comes the oversized t-shirt.  I did find this on the sale rail but it was on its own, so I think it was originally from the men's section.  It's an XL so I can just get away with wearing it as a dress, at least that's what I'm hoping.  The oversized t-shirt shape is very boyish and not very flattering, which is ideal for this look.  Then we welcome the beanie hat, grey wool, nothing girlie - also a man's item.
The final addition was the boots.  On paper they're probably the worst choice of footwear to wear with stockings, but for the look I was going for they did the job perfectly, and I think the combination of them is pretty damn awesome.  Also note how I didn't wear my trusty red lipstick, but I'm not gonna lie the temptation was there!
So there we have it, it doesn't exactly say to future boyfriends 'take me home to your parents!', BUT OH WELL.  Now I'm not saying go and wear something which you'll feel totally uncomfortable in, but that one item you loved but was maybe too scared of wearing because of what people may think?  Do it!

13 April 2013

With a gun in your hand

Sooo I wasn't too sure about this outfit this morning, but me knowing me I knew I'd learn to love it, and after looking at these pictures I do.  Thanks, past me!  The reason for my doubt was, as I said the last time I wore these pants a few days ago, they look a bit like pyjamas, and the baggy, silk material of the top only adds to that.  The materials work very well together, yes, but so do a pair of matching pyjamas, so... Y'know what I'm saying?

Black leather jacket & studded flatforms: TOPSHOP | Lilac t-shirt: RIVER ISLAND | Stripey pants: ZARA

Saying that, I think they do look bloody good together, as in, for daytime wear.  No bed included.  I think the reason I felt reassured is because of the addition of the leather jacket, and then the studded shoes.  They really helped to toughen the whole look up, y'know?  Lilac can be a hard colour to wear for somone like myself who isn't really into girlie colours, and pastel lilac is definitely one of those.  However, when worn with black and these pants which are actually pretty boyish, lilac is working pretty damn well for me and now I want to wear it more often.  Plus, I got the top for £15 in the sale, sooo I couldn't say no really.
Tonight is being spent watching 'The Voice' followed by 'Britain's Got Talent in my jimjams with an Indian takeaway.  Don't hate me because you ain't me!
Hope you're all have a laaaavely weekend.

11 April 2013

Biker chic

I mentioned the other day that since starting my tattooing apprenticeship, despite this being only a few weeks ago, I have been fully embracing black clothes and a more rock chick kind of style.  I've never dressed overly girlie and feminine, so it's been easy to adapt. 
These new biker boots are the perfect alternative to my Converse to switch up my look a bit (but my 10+ pairs are still my babies, you understand).  To be honest with you I've wanted the boots for months now, I didn't have any biker boots and when I set my eyes on these bad boys I knew they had to be mine.  The £55 price tag, however, meant I'd have to risk it and wait.  So waited I did.  And waited.  And kept spending my money on other clothes inbetween the waiting... Apparently I don't understand the term 'saving up for something', whoops.  Buuut look, good things really do come to those who wait!  And for a whole £11 cheaper, thank you ASOS and your temporary (but often) 20% offs, I bloody love 'em. 
If you pay under £50 for a pair of shoes which you know you're gonna wear the hell out of, then it's justified, right?  Well, I'm saying it is, and I know you'll all agree because we're all women which means it's obligatory to love shoes.

Black studded leather jacket, black crop top & denim shirt: TOPSHOP | Grey beanie hat: TOPMAN | Black coated skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND | Black biker boots: ASOS

This was my first time wearing the boots and my first outfit choice was to wear it with all black.  I wasn't sure about the addition of my denim shirt but after asking mum she assured me it was a good choice and that it broke it up a bit.  Add some red lipstick and a beanie and the look is stylish but still has that effortless feel.  I was worried I'd be way too cold in only a leather jacket as well as baring my midriff, but I was actually okay!  Is England finally starting to get a bit warmer?
Ha, I couldn't even type that question with a serious face...
I've just now got back from seeing 'Oblivion' with my dad and my brother.  I didn't have any expectations because I hadn't really seen and trailers, plus I'm not a massive fan of Tom Cruise, however I ended up really liking it, we all did.  It's a really cool, futuristic film and I've never seen anything like it before.  Plus Morgan Freeman was in it and his character was a bad ass mofo, so that helped.

10 April 2013

Wishful Wednesday

1. Striped crossover trousers £25.99 ZARA | 2. Number 86 tee £20 TOPSHOP | 3. Casual stripe shirt £25 TOPSHOP | 4. Shift dress with drop waist £45 ASOS | 5. Harness mesh bralet £22 TOPSHOP | 6. Denim gil├ęt £40 TOPMAN

1. I have white and black ones very similar to these and I can't get enough of those, so it only makes sense to get the blue ones, right?
2. A very similar situation to #1, I have the white version of this, and most recently the black.  In fact I wore the black one in yesterday's outfit post, in which I mentioned 'I'd be snapping up the blue one once it came in stock', aaaaaand today it came in stock.  It will be mine my friends, all in good time.  All in good time.
3. Gahhh I'm fully embracing the whole dressing like a boy thing at the moment, so this shirt would be awesome in my wardrobe.  Worn with a black leather skirt?  Pleeease!
4. How flattering is this dress?  The shape is perrrfect, I adore the neckline.
5. Under a sheer white t-shirt with some black skinny jeans and biker boots, need I say more?
6. A summer essential is a denim gilet, I'd say, so why don't have one...?