8 September 2012


Run DMC slashed tee & purple frill ankle socks: TOPSHOP | Coated black mini skirt: ZARA | Contrast faux fur coat & velvet dino flatforms: ASOS |

Just a simple, casual outfit today for a lazy weekend.  This tee is still one of my favourites, despite owning it for a few years (I know, how bizarre), I love the cut-out detail.  And the print is pretty damn cool, too.  I couldn't resist adding my awesome coat which I am wearing more and more now it's starting to get colder, although, by the looks of it, it's starting to get hotter again.  Sigh.
I am also starting to wear these flatforms more often now, as I think they are a much more winter-appropriate shoe.  I thought I'd try and wear them slightly different today, though, hence the addition the ankle socks.
The skirt I bought from Zara in their latest sale, and I can't seem to get enough of it.  It would look great if I went the opposite way with it and wore a white shirt and my patent loafers.
I've got quite a busy week starting Monday, so am making the most of lounging about doing nothing.  Am currently watching 'The Hunger Games' (for the third time, it's still awesome) with my mother.  I do think the books are better but I think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson play the parts perfectly.  I am trying to read another book at the moments but I just keep thinking 'I WANT PEETA BACK THOUGH'.
Hope you all have a nice weekend!
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  1. Loving your coat! Gorgeous tones :)

  2. Fab outfit love the tee! And your coat is so gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend of lounging! I hope the sun shines where you are!

  3. grrrea cardi! the tee is awesome! :) x


  4. That tee is amazing, and I love the socks!

    Ava Tallulah

  5. love the shoessss! great blog i just followed xx


  6. j'aime bien tais platforms et chaussettes

  7. I LOVE this coat, you look great :)

    Jo. x