23 September 2012

Three ways to wear... A floral shirt

Floral shirt: RIVER ISLAND

... With bright coloured skinny jeans: Sometimes with strong prints people tend to try to tone them down with more neutral items.  I, however, am going the complete other way with this outfit and really bringing out all the colours of the shirt with these neon pink jeans.  I did de-girlie the outfit though, with this casual pair of Converse.
... Under a skater dress: If you own a button-up shirt and a dress, I suggest you try combining them both together.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  Finding a different way to wear a dress should always be welcomed, as they're not as versatile as separates can be.
... With a short skirt & faux fur: I gothed it up a bit in this look, but I think teaming the shirt with black makes the colours in the shirt pop just as much as the neon jeans do.  If I have my legs on show I usually button the shirt to the top and don't roll the sleeves up, to balance it out.  I'd definitely recommend investing in a faux fur gilet, as it is such a great layering piece.
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  1. wow, you are good at this, i love it! especially wearing it under the dress! x


  2. Under the skater dress is such a good idea! x

  3. i need a plain skater dress.. so i can do exactly what you do :D xx


  4. I like the skater dress outfit...v cute.


    Nicole x

  5. the blouse under the skater dress is quite possibly my favourite. i think the colours together are fab!