12 September 2012

Wishful Wednesday: Topshop Winter Coat

1. Topshop military faux fur coat £85 TOPSHOP | 2. Cut out cross ring £8.50 TOPSHOP | 3. Neon pink rib beanie £8 RIVER ISLAND | 4. Wax skinny trousers £39.99 ZARA | 5. Spiked headband £10 ASOS | 6. Fine cross necklace £6 ASOS | 7. Black PU pleated midi skirt £35 RIVER ISLAND | 8. Mismatch stud earrings £5 TOPSHOP

I spotted this coat in this month's issue of Company Magazine and, you know when you see something and you're pretty much certain you're gonna buy it?  Yeah, well that happened.  I assume it's not online/in stock yet as magazines usually do that really mean thing of featuring awesome clothes before they are even available, so you spend the next however many weeks of your life looking for one item.  I was actually expecting it to be from the Topshop Unique range, but to my surprise it's only £85 (well, 'only' for Topshop').
Buying a winter coat is just one of them things you have to do every year.  Am I right?  So it can't hurt to be prepared, and maybe save up a little bit... (Just a little.)  The military trend is my favourite for this coming season, so this coat is the perfect choice.  Faux leather items will be the perfect things to team it with.
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  1. This coat is amazing!! I find it incredibly difficult to choose a winter coat as I am really picky...
    You have just saved me the hassle of going out shopping for my winter coat as I am going to be a massive copycat & snap this up.


    Nicole zx

    1. Well, I can't say I blame you. I am glad I saved you some time and hassle looking for a winter coat!

  2. That coat is absolutely amazing!

    Julia x

  3. The wax skinny trousers are gorgeous! I love the ring too!! xxx