9 September 2012

Lusting over: Kurt Geiger metallic sneakers

Pictures from kurtgeiger.com

Ohhhhh holy moley moley holy.  I could probably just keep this post with this picture alone and leave it at that, as I am sure a lot of you shoe lovers will appreciate these babies already, but I might as well just ramble on about their how unbelievably awesome they are.  Let's just ingore the price tag for a few minutes, 'kay?  Yeah, let's.
As you will know if you are a reader of my blog, I love my Converse.  Like, a lot.  I wear them with at least 95% of my outfits.  I don't attempt to get into clubs for a fat rave, but if I did, I'd probably be turned away, because I would be wearing my Chucks.  Because of my long term relationship with them, I have grown to love a variety of awesome trainers, although they are usually studded Louboutins which are way way WAY out of my price range, so I have to move on and (try to) forget them.  However, I spotted these babies in Kurt Geiger's campaign in Vogue a month or so ago, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the shoesies in the above picture.  Which I guess is what they were aiming for, right?
I think high-tops have a way of instantly giving any outfit the cool factor.  Can we please just take a moment to imagine a little black dress and a leather jacket teamed with one of these pair of sneakers?  Oh yeah, that's good.  Or you could just go completely the other way and pair them with an androgynous suit, like in this shoot.  And they look just as amazing.  Are they versatile?  Oh, absolutely.
They might not be your thing, and you might look at these and think 'Hmm, think I'll stick to my ballet flats!/heels!/whatevers!', and I know a lot of you would rather spend this amount of money on a fierce pair of Jeffrey Campbells, but trust me, these are SO up my street.  Like seriously, they could be my nextdoor neighbours.
So, maybe this story doesn't have a 'happy ever after' and this is where it ends.  But I can keep pretending, right?
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