6 September 2012


Pink crop vest: TOPSHOP | Black coated skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND |
Green beanie hat & velvet dino flatforms: ASOS

Quite a different look from me today but like I've been saying recently, I am really digging the whole grunge type looks at the moment, and I think this gives a subtle nod to the trend.  The crop top is something which I don't really know where it came from (my mother's wardrobe probably), and it's been shoved to the back of my wardrobe for ages.  I haven't worn a crop top this summer despite how big of a hit it was in the S/S '12 shows.  I just haven't been able to find the right skirt (has to be high waisted, obvs) to go with one.  Or jeans, for that matter, I do think the American Apparel 'easy jeans' would be great, but at £65, I think I'll just stick to looking for a skirt.  I bought this a week or so ago, it's not exactly 'summery', but I thought I'd adopt the crop top for the Autumn days.
I think the beanie hat was the perfect addition and the colour of it contrasts nicely with the baby pink.  The velvet shoes also added to the grunge effect, and it was nice to wear the with more of a 'girlie' item rather than wearing them with dark clothes all the time.
I don't think I'll be wearing a crop top any time again soon, unless we get a heat wave in October again like last year, as it's getting far too cold for one.  But it's always good to try things out and see how you style something.  I'd love a cropped, baggy band t-shirt and just go all-out gothic.
I'm not busy today.  Just cat-sitting and reading.  I went to see my dad yesterday which was nice, we just chatted and watched the film 'Safe'.  Not seen it?  It's pretty much two hours of Jason Statham punching and shooting people, with a Chinese girl thrown into it.  I enjoyed it.  He kicked ass.
I am just trying to sort things out for university at the moment  The big move will be over the 15th and 16th and then my induction week starts on the Monday after.  I am bloody terrified.  I haven't even got anywhere to live yet after my application for halls being rejected, but I am going to look around a couple of private halls on Monday, so fingers crossed!  It hasn't been an easy ride for me so far, and I'm currently on a spending ban as I need my money for university things, but hopefully it will all work out!  Are any of you going to uni this time?
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  1. Such a cool outfit!

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  2. I love that crop top! Reminds me of the 90's ;) x


  3. it is definitely getting a bit too cold for cropped tops, howeverrrrrr this does look lovely, and maybe october will be a little heatwave.x

  4. just followed! you have such a nice blog <3