27 September 2012

More geek, less chic...

I love Batman.  I love Converse.  Hence why these shoes are so insanely amazing.  The next best thing would be Christian Bale arriving at my door.  I knew I shouldn't have walked in Schuh (pretty sure it's pronounced 'shoe' but I say 'skuh'...) as I was fully aware there would be awesome Converse in there which I wouldn't be able to afford, but I wasn't expecting these babies.  After drooling over them for a good five minutes, I walked out of the shop empty handed.  Yep, I actually walked out, but no more than fifteen seconds had passed before I was walking back to get them.  My will-power is currently hiding away in shame.  You should have seen the grin on my face on my walk home, though.  I'm sure everyone thought I was a crazy person, but 'That's okay' I thought, 'I have Batman shoes'.
They are from the men's section, but that's never stopped me before, if I like something, I like it.  And the women's Batman version had nothing on these babies (apparently men are more likely to be geeks than women are, but hey ho.  Well, that's probably true actually).
I'm sure a lot of people won't know how to take these, but deep down, everyone will love them, because we all know that Batman is the best superhero.
He is real... Right?
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  1. These are awesome! I am definitely all for showing your geekiness :) and I have to say even the box is pretty awesome!

    Oh by the way I have just launched a new online jewellery shop, I would love for you to check it out :)