21 September 2012

Friday Favourites

1. The perfect transitional outfit.  The fragile chiffon material in the shorts contrasts really nicely with the knit jumper.
2. I love the injections of the neon, and you can't beat an oversized, studded denim jacket, can you?
3. Oh this is MY kinda' outfit.  Quite a simple outfit, but the leather-on-leather definitely makes enough of a statement.
4. I really like this skirt, the pink bag and the beanie hat are the perfect additions, I think.
5. Such a simple but gorgeous outfit, I am really digging drop-hems at the moment.  Love the red with the pink, too!
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  1. great shots, love the chunky knit with bare legs. x

  2. ooh my faves defiantly number 1 & 3! x