1 September 2012

August Recap

It's September already, whaaat?!  This time next month I will most likely be at university, which is just insane.  Anyway... I went shopping at the beginning of this month after doing next to no shopping last month.  As a result I purchased some blue skinny jeans, which I haven't worn in years, and what do you know, I can't bloody take 'em off.  I also purchased some not-so-practical items, yes, that does include the lace cat ears.  I think this is my favourite month of outfits yet, but I genuinely think that every month, so that doesn't really mean anything.  I think my favourite outfit of the whole month is the very last look, do you have one?
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  1. Hi Demi, i love your second outfit the most! I think you have such a great style! x


  2. Gorgeous outfits!

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  3. great outfits :) LIKE!