26 September 2012

September shopping haul

Punctuation necklace, water symbol necklace: TOPSHOP

Red checkered pyjama pants: PRIMARK

Hair do doodles notebook: PAPERCHASE

Neon nail varnishes: AMERICAN APPAREL

Black vintage Levi's shorts: HEARTS & BOWS via ARK (c/o)

Wow, one can pretend they haven't spent that much money until they put it all in one haul post, but what the hell.  I was doing well by not spending anything (meaning I didn't buy anything in a few days) until I purchased the oversized floral tee from Topshop, and it kinda' just went down hill from there.  I have started university this month as a lot of you will know, so I now live in Manchester.  This means I now have a two floor Topshop, rather than the tiny little one in Burnley.  This can only end badly, I mean, I've already splashed twenty five pounds on a HAT.  Yeah, still not over that, but have been wearing it every day since to justify that amount.  I also went into Primark and bought something from there for the first time, EVER.  Now that IS a massive shop, and it took me about twenty bloody minutes to find some pyjama pants.  I'm hardly buying my outfits from there, but it's a start.
I was kindly offered by Ark to choose something from the Hearts & Bows range, and these shorts were something which I had my eye on for a while.  I am a bit picky with denim shorts, I like them to be at least slightly high-waisted, with the frayed hem, and I don't mind showing a bit of bum (it's only a bit of bum cheek, ladies, come on) as long as it's not with tights.  What's the point in wearing really short shorts, when you're gonna be wearing TIGHTS?!  Not a good look, but fortunately, these come just below my bum, so I have been happily wearing them with tights rather than having to keep them just for summer.  Great with a chunky jumper.
So yeah, these are my naughty purchases from this month.  And I may or may not have purchased a new sweater and pair of boots off ASOS, ahem...
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  1. These are all amazing. LOVE the yellow jumper and the neon nail polishes

  2. You got some wicked stuff and the orange nail varnish is fab!


  3. Wow that yellow jumper is soo nice, I love the neckline! Love everything else too! x


  4. i love all these buys! great taste :)
    hope to see you visiting my blog too <3