20 September 2012

Evie Knight A/W '12 Lookbook

All images from Evie Knight
Please note: this is not a sponsored post.

Ohhh just LOOKING at this lookbook makes me excited. You know the rare moments when you're looking through a brand's lookbook and you just flick through it like 'Yep, like that. Oooh, I love that! I LIKE THAT TOO!'? Yeah, well this was my reaction to the latest one from a brand called Evie Knight. You may or may not have heard of them (yet), but basically they're a new online boutique on ASOS Marketplace, selling well altered vintage clothing for us fashion lover-lovers.
In their own words:
"Evie Knight is an array of alluring clothes and accessories for the fashion free spirit! We hope to adorn you with beautiful threads that make you look as unique as you are! Stand out from the crowd with your ragged levi studded shorts and unique vintage tie-dye tees! Make a statement in your Texan sun-drenched floral tea dress and wild-at-heart customised leather biker jacket! At Evie Knight HQ we obsess over every detail of each unique piece of treasue we come across from the UK to the USA so you can be the style icon you were always meant to be."
Well, they had me at 'ragged levi shorts'. If I was asked to describe my style I didn't think I'd ever use the words 'vintage lover'. It's never really been my thing. Why go to a vintage shop to search through racks and racks of other people's clothes, (I clearly don't know a lot about vintage shopping) when you can just pop to Topshop and get something brand new. But you know what; these pictures are starting to convert me. And I do actually now own a pair of vintage (yes, vintage) Levi's shorts, which I LOVE, so I'd definitely like to add some more to my collection. These images and clothes have completely changed my opinion on vintage clothes, as you can actually look like a cool, 90s chick rather than a, erm, granny.
Oh, and the best thing? You won't be caught wearing the same thing as someone else.

I thought I'd challenge myself to choose my three top things from their store. I obviously have a thing for their chunky knits, but I couldn't resist the dungarees, as I have been after one for ages and this would be perfect.
Well, I'm sold.

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