29 September 2012

New ASOS purchases

I adore these purchases.  I know I only showed you a big shopping haul a few days ago, and the day after that I showed you my new pair of Converse.  Oh man, if shopping was a sin, I would have definitely been a naughty girl.  I bought these two things last weekend, and since I've been in Manchester all week I only just saw them yesterday.  I could not be more pleased.  When I saw these boots it was love at first sight, I knew I was going to end up buying them, so I thought 'Well I might as well just add them to my basket now'.  And as is the way with online shopping, once you add one thing, you have to add another (that can't just be me...?), which is where this sweater comes in.  Everything about this top makes it so spot on that it hurts.  The print, the beautiful colours, the luxe silky fabric, the chain... They all work so extremely well together, making it immediately move up to the number one item in my wardrobe.  I cannot wait to start wearing these with a range of different things.
Oh ASOS, my love for you just keeps on growing.

If you're interested, I bought both of these in a size-up and they fit perfectly!
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  1. Those shoes are so cool!


  2. loving your new blog layout, the boots are wicked, and yes please for the sweater! :) xx


  3. I love both of these pieces! xx

  4. those boots are AMAZING! xx