28 February 2013

What I'll be wearing at PFW

On Friday:

Black dungarees, blue mirrored aviator sunglasses & book clutch: ASOS | White fishnet top: FOREVER 21 | Shoes: CONVERSE

The dungarees suit has been a fashion week definite for me ever since I bought it in early January.  I've worn it with the fishnet top before, which I actually bought specificially to go with the dungs, and it's a combination which works really well together.  I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough (feeling brave saying the word 'warm' so early in the year, crikey) for me to not need my coat as that would ruin it really wouldn't it?  But then again, even if it's not, it's fashion week, if I have to catch a cold to look good, I will.

On Saturday:

Sport t-shirt, neon pink beanie hat & galaxy print socks: TOPSHOP | Black PU midi skater skirt & gold chunky necklace: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE


'ACDC' baseball tee: URBAN OUTFITTERS | Socks & neon pink beanie: TOPSHOP | Black PU midi skater skirt: ASOS

I'm not sure between these two outfits, fairly similar I can't decide on which top to wear?  The top one is one which I've been planning to wear for ages but the lower one is a very new addition to my wardrobe, one that I've been wanting for a while but only bought on Monday as a birthday treat to myself.  I think this one would look good with the beanie but should I go for my first choice?  Let  know what you think.
P.S. Check out the statement socks.  Easy way to inject a bit of colour, hey?

For travelling:

Leather pants & embroidered tiger sweater: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

I'm setting off at about half five tomorrow and I will get there at about half eight the next morning.  I don't want to do the maths but that's a lot of hours on a coach and that's a lot of hours on a ferry, which together add up to lots and lots of hours.  I wanted something simple and fairly comfortable to travel in and my leather pants aren't the greatest choice but they're not the worst one, either.  I like the top as it's a casual sweater shape but the print still keeps it cool, plus the orange in the tigers goes with my orange hair, but that's neither here nor there...


  1. that blue book clutch is so cute, love these outfits :) have a good time! ox

  2. First outfit is my favourite :)


  3. I think your Saturday outfits are my favourite! Both of them will look awesome, and I love your pink beanie! xxx