12 February 2013

My best and worst dressed from the BAFTAs

Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture | Paloma Faith in Nicholas Oakwell Couture

Eddie Redmayne in Burberry | Jennifer Lawrence in Dior | Amy Adams in Elie Saab

Jessica Chastain in Roland Mouret | Samuel L. Jackson

And those who didn't impress...

Saoirse Ronan in Christopher Kane | Anne Hathaway in Burberry

I usually don't like enough looks at one red carpet event to post about it, but in one day I came across two - the BAFTAs and the Grammys.  I've already posted about my favourite looks from the Grammys yesterday as well as those who didn't impress, so I thought today I'd do the BAFTAs.  I didn't get chance to watch it  (although I've seen a clip of Bradley Cooper welling up, I CAN'T COPE WITH CRYING MEN, it's too much!) I was keeping up with what everyone was wearing.
Out of everyone above I've got to say Marion Cotillard impressed me the most.  I've already seen the dress been worn before in a navy blue and I wasn't sure about it then due to its peculiar shape and design, however the vibrant yellow colour has completely sold it to me.  I probably would have worn it with some gold jewellery instead and added some black nail varnish, but hey, she rocked it.
Paloma Faith has never been a red carpet favourite of mine.  I appreciate how she has a niche and loves fashion from a certain era and what not, however I always feel like she goes one step too far.  She has worn some amazing dresses but then has worn a silly big thing on her head, you know?  Don't get me wrong, she has a wicked, eccentric personality and she's reflecting that in her style choices, but I just wouldn't wear what she does.  Saying that, I think she looked pretty damn great at the BAFTAs and the dress suits her perfectly.
I won't lie but I've included Eddie Redmayne mostly because of his face.  I mean, he does look dapper, but dem cheekbones.  Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet choices are a bit of a hit and miss for me and I haven't been keen over them as of late (this doesn't mean I don't think she's one of the most awesome people in the world) but I think she looked lovely in this Dior dress, especially with her hair slicked back.  Amy Adams' Elie Saab dress was damn sexy with the lace detail, I felt like the big bun mummyfied it a bit though?  I liked Jessica Chastains' look simply because I thought the bright blue looked lovely against her hair.  Lastly we have Samuel L. Jackson whose look I just love.  Plus, HE'S A COOL ASS MOTHERFUCKER.
I'm sad to include Anne Hathaway on my 'Not so impressive' list as I am a big fan of hers but I feel like this dress was cheapened by the studs on the top and it was a bit boring.  I would have reeeeeally liked to have seen her in something like this bright fuchsia dress.  Moving on to Saoirse Ronan, I just think it's pretty bad... I don't want to sound too harsh but it looks like an sixty year old woman's dress.  You're young girl, embrace it!
What do you think of my choices?  Maybe you disagree?
P.S. Did you see Helen Mirren sporting her new pink crop?  Uh-mazing!  What a woman.


  1. I agree about Amy Adams and Paloma Faith, they both look amazing, although I think Anne Hathaway looks beautiful and so much more elegant than Jessica Chrastain!



  2. Paloma Faith has to be my fav! Love her quirky style!