14 February 2013

Happy love day!

Sexy muddah.

I got this tag from 'Milk Bubble Tea' and thought it' be a cute lil' thing to do!  I'm in the Forever Alone Club, but I can still love love!  I'll be looking at pictures of Tom Hardy all day, that should get me through.  My first Valentine's day being single in like four or five years, dayumm...  I give my 'Happy Valentine's!' to my mum, dad and my brother as they are the three best people in my life and I love them more than life.  Maybe someone else too, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want it...

1. Who would be your celebrity valentine? 

2. Favourite valentine's sweet treat?  Urmmm chocolate.  Galaxy, if you're offering.  Oh and a Kinder Bueno too!  Or three.
3. What's your favourite type of flowers?  Tulips, I used to garden with my grandad and they were always my favourites.
4. Pink or red lipstick?  Red.  Sexy red.
5. Any embarrassing valentine's moment?  Urmmmm I once sent to a card to Craig David.  At least I thought I did.
6. Ever received a weird valentine's gift?  Nooo... Damn.
7. Ever gave someone a weird valentine's day gift?  Yeah I once sent a pair of my knickers to... No no no, I haven't.
8. Favourite love story or film?  I bloody love 'Love Actually'.
9. Favourite love song/s?  Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars.
10. A date at the cinema do you get salted or sweet popcorn?  CHOCOLATE.
11. Are you a romantic or a realist?  I am one of the most romantic people EVER.  I love everything romantic.  I don't even know what the word 'realist' means.  Puh-lease.
12. What does love mean to you?  When someone's happiness becomes more important to you than your own.  PEETA!  Peeta out of 'The Hunger Games' is the personification of love.
13. Favourite cheesy movie quotes?  SO MANY.  Urmmm... "Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." – Notting Hill

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