4 February 2013

Mesh t-shirt

Pompom hat & black faux fur gilét: TOPSHOP | Black mesh top: H&M | Red leather pants: RIVER ISLAND | Shoes: CONVERSE

I have had this top for a good few months now and only now am I getting round to wearing it for the first time, the tag came of yesterday.  I don't usually do this with new purchases and I tend to wear things within the first few days of buying them, but my answer is the top doesn't have a lot of fabric to it and it's been a little bit cold, hasn't it?  Not the greatest piece for winter.  I did of course already know this when I was buying, so the fact that I went ahead of bought it anyway should show how much I wanted it.
Saying that, it's still not exactly warm but I could not wait any longer.  Unfortunately I had to throw some faux fur into the look to avoid looking too insane as well as a good ol' wooly hat.  I don't usually choose to show off my, er, belly button area, but I really liked the floral, lace detail covering the breasticles so I thought that compensated for it.  Plus it makes me feel like a bit of a rockstar, just a little bit.  What added to that is these rockin' leather pants, which thanks to their colour made the black pieces a little bit more interesting.
I'll definitely be getting this t-shirt out much more frequently in the warmer seasons and will be wearing it with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a beanie, sorted.
I am looking forward to finishing uni tomorrow night as I have all of next week off, yaaaaaaaaay!  *mini Mexican wave* Am going to spend it taking lots of outfit photos, watching lots of rubbish, filming lots of videos for my Youtoob, putting lots of stuff on my ebay, taking lots of pictures for my Instagram, eating lots of food and spending lots of time with mummy.  Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me, guys.
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  1. Sounds perfect, enjoy your week off :)

  2. OMG bet you was freeeezing today in rainy and windy manchester.
    Go you for being brave :P

    Alex ox.

  3. omg love your gilet! lovely outfit :)

    amy x

  4. Ahhhh such a cool top! I am the same with new clothes to, its either I wear them straight away or like you have them for a while before the tags come off!! xx


  5. You've got amazing figure x

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  6. Looked good on. Did have to wear a separate sports bra for extra support. The fabric around the stomach is a bit loose - not skin tight - which was nice.