25 February 2013

Baroque-ing it

Fishnet top: FOREVER 21 | Baroque t-shirt & book clutch bag: ASOS | Leather pants: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

This outfit would have looked better with my orange hair but OH WELL, it's still an outfit I like lots.  I wore it the other day and thought 'Daaamn why is there no one here to show my outfit off to?!', 'all dressed up and nowhere to go' is my life story.  True dat.  Maybe I should hire a shit load of people to sit downstairs and applaud when I walk into the room with whatever awesome clothes I'm wearing that day, I deserve a little bit of credit for my efforts (to be fair my mum always makes nice comments but she wasn't there on this day, so...).  However for now I'll just have to post outfits on here and you're all gonna have to tell me how much of a great job I have done.  Fanks.
I'm really having to stop myself from wearing these leather pants all the bloody time recently.  I stole them from my mother's wardrobe a few weeks ago so they're not new new but they're new to my wardrobe, and what happens when you add something to your wardrobe which you love?  You wear it all the bloody time (or is that just me?).  That's similar to what happened when I bought this t-shirt shortly before Christmas.  The print is awesome but baroque is known for being glamorous and embellished, which this tee is definitely not, and that is what I like about it.
I layered it over this fishnet top (which is being worn under every bloody top I have at the moment) and because of the white print on the grey top I think they look really good together, plus it just makes the overall look a little more interesting to look at.  The focal point of the whole thing, however, is the book clutch - or 'Butch', as I like to call it.  I bought it specifically for Paris but thought 'Why not slip it into my OOTD pictures?  Might as well make the most of it!'.  I'm not a clutch kind of girl and this is the first one I've ever owned, but I really did want this one when it first came in stock, I mean it's a bag... Disguised as a book!  Genius.  However I've never had the right occasion to buy it for (but now I dooo!) and knowing I wouldn't need it for my daily trip to Tesco's I decided to keep it on my wishlist.  Luckily for me I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago - in the sale for fifteen pounds - and just thought 'ah screw it!'.  You like?  I do.  My brother effing hates it, he can't even look at it without making him angry.  He's a boy, thus he doesn't understand why I wouldn't just buy a bag that looks like a bag.  In fact I believe his words were 'You're just gonna look like a TWAT'.
This one's for you, Jo.

P.S. If you want to see this outfit in video form you can check that out on my Youtube channel here.


  1. lovely outfit! love the top :)

    amy x

  2. I actually love the bag! nice quirky touch to the outfit :)

  3. LOVE the bag and T-shirt :) !!
    excited for your paris outfits tbh ! lol.

    Alex ox.