11 February 2013

My pick of the Grammys best dressed, and the worst...

Rihanna in custom Azzedine Alaia | Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra

Adele in Valentino | Solange Knowles (not sure who she's wearing?) | I don't even know this guy is...

And those who didn't impress...

Beyoncé in Osman | Alexa Chung in... Well, who's bothered?

So last night the Grammys happened, one of my favourites for red carpet fashion.  I watched the live streaming of it on 'E!' and I was in my element.  I'm hard to impress when it comes to red carpet.  'You're a celebrity, at an amazing event, and have enough money for any dress you want, so why have you gone for that?' goes through my head most of the time.  However at the Grammys most people seem to remember that actually it's okay to wear an amazing dress and stand out.  Whoda funk it?
This year, women attending the Grammys got sent a memo telling them not to flash too much skin.  I wasn't happy about this as the skin flashing dresses are pretty much always my favourites (see above), but fortunately for me no one listened (again, see above).
Last year I also watched the live streaming and Rihanna's amazing, definitely-flash-showing Armani dress completely stole the show for me, so it's no surprise she's at the top of my list this year too.  It's such a perfect dress for such a beautiful woman and I am not surprised in the slightest that it's custom made because it absolutely looks like it was made for her.  The colour, the material, the sheer fabric - flawless.  Rihanna's lipstick and loose hair topped the look off perfectly.
All of this makes it even harder for me to say that actually Rihanna isn't number one for me this year, as Kelly Rowland's dress has just scraped first place.  Oh my GOSH she looks so very sexy and I can't take my eyes off the very conveniently placed big black triangle.  Wow Kelly, just wow.
Other looks which were up there included Adele, who looks amazing in ACTUAL COLOUR for once, Solange, whose made me think emerald green was invented just for her and she is ROCKING that afro, and also some man, who I don't know but has a great style and even greater shoes.
Now, for the ones that underwhelmed me.  Taylor Swift would have been on here but I couldn't even be bothered to go on about how not bothered I was about her choice.
Beyoncé, we all know how amazing she is, she has an extremely impressive reputation and is practically the queen of the celebrity world.  All meaning that she can probably wear WHATEVER THE F*** SHE WANTS and get away with it (bar knee high socks at the Super Bowl, what was that?) so why, WHY, did she choose a black pant suit?  For the Grammys?  Did she just come from an important work meeting?  No, didn't think so.  Come on B', life's too short to not wear a breath-taking outfit at any given opportunity.  After a mere thirty seconds browsing Net-a-Porter I already found a dress which she would have looked much better in.
Moving on to Alexa Chung - Chung, you're meant to know your shit, so why have you shown up to the Grammys - of all places - looking like you're going for a stroll to get some ice cream?  Or for a ride on your vintage bicycle?  Yawnnnnn.

What do you think?  Who were your favourites?  I'd love to know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices, fashion is meant to split opinions, right?


  1. Rihanna's dress is incredible! xxx



  3. I completely agree! Rihanna looked incredible, I actually saw her and gasped! I was so shocked that she took the nice and pretty approach instead of wearing something weird and out there! Beyonce and Alexa Chung both look like they didn't try!

  4. I loved perving on all the grammy outfits last night. rihanna and kellys dresses were just amazing! xx