28 February 2013

My Paris checklist

So I'm off to Paris and to stop me forgetting something (which hopefully still won't happen) and I feel more organised if I lay everything out and can see it in front of me, this is all after writing it down and mentally ticking it off as I go along. Sooo I thought why it's all out I'd take some pictures and blog what I'm taking, maybe similar to the 'LFW Survival Kit' posts you probably would have seen a lot of recently. I don't really know what I'll be doing there so I haven't really had to buy anything specific. I'm going with like, what, 140 people? Saying that though I don't know one of them so I'm practically going on my own, which is hella scary. I have been talking to Alex, someone from my uni who I've never even personally met, on Twitter and we've been chatting for a while now and she's been really nice and said she I could hang with her if I wanted to. Everyone has their own group of friends to go with as they're not crazy enough to go alone - hell, girls can't even go to the bathroom alone - but apparently I am crazy enough. I mean, it's Paris, right? I would like to think I'm gonna meet and talk to loads of new people but I thought that would happen when I started uni and it definitely didn't, so I won't get my hopes up this time...

On to the checklist. I started off with the essentials: underwear, phone charger (although still need a plug adapter), camera, toiletries, my euros and of course my passport, which I take everywhere with me anyway in my purse. Like I said on my earlier post about my PFW outfits, I'm going to be travelling for a long time so I'm going fully prepared with magazines - Grazias and Look (I left my monthly issues at home, d'oh) and a couple of new books. Yesterday I picked up 'Gone Girl' which I heard a good review about, and as soon as I hear one good review on a book I'm sold. Seriously, I don't even know what it's about, I just picked it up in the shop and added it to my basket. I have heard a few more good reviews on it since then though, so I'm sure I will enjoy it. I'm also bringing headphones (pinched off my brother, but he pinched my Skullcandies first) in case I ever fancy listening to music.

I made sure I had my accessories such as my new clutch bag, sunglasses, socks and jewellery.  Lipsticks in various crazy colours are also must-takers.  And oh, I had to bring my elephant teddy, Echo which my mum bought for me at the zoo.  I'm not sure what my roommates - whoever they will be - will make of me bringing a teddy, but hey, everyone has things about them which make them a little weird, right...?

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