10 February 2013

Inked #5

The other day I went to get my back tattoos re-coloured, the next day - yesterday - I was getting a new one.  They say tattoos are an addiction.  They were right.
Quite a simple and sweet one this time, just the outline of an upside down triangle.  It's been on my list of tattoos-to-get for a while rather than being one of my spontaneous tattoos.  The symbol represents water.  As you know, different star signs fall into one of four of the different elements: fire, earth, air and water.  I am a Pisces, one of the water signs.  I know a lot of people think astrology signs is a lot of arse talk, but I'm actually really interested in it.  Not horoscopes as such, but when I read about the personality traits and what not of a Piscean, I can completely relate.
The keywords associated with a water sign are 'intuitive, emotional, imaginative, nurturing, secretive, dreamy' - completely spot on for me.  "Those with planets in Water signs are often assessing a situation by its undercurrents. It can give them an air of being aloof or even shy at first, but they're the warmest of souls when you've won their trust." - explaining the fact why I'm always the one sat in a room on my own full of strangers, watching everyone else get along so well.  I find it very hard to be myself with others who I've only just met, which apparently people don't take very well to...
I could go on and on about how much of a Pisces I actually am, and that's pretty much why I got this tattoo.  I plan to get the two fishes symbol as well, but I liked the upside down triangle.
I got it on the side of arm, below my wrist.  I decided to get it so it's upside down when I'm holding my forearm up, as that's the position it will usually be in when people see it.  The pain was pretty intense on this part, not in a horrific way, but the scratching feels very sharp.  It took about ten minutes though, in and out I was!
It's been less than a year since getting my first tattoo and I've already got five.  Dayum.


  1. ahhh i love this! since i got mine i want more too haha :) ox

  2. I was thinking how I relate to a lot of those, so looked up to see if my sign is water too, but it's not. I'm a libra which is an air sign. But then reading "With Air, there's more space between the life lived and the observing mind. This can lead air signs to appear detached, aloof, remote, cool. Sometimes they'll try to talk their way through feelings or analyze a situation instead of encountering it's full emotional weight." makes me realise, maybe I am meant to be an air sign..