11 February 2013

Blue lace

Blue boyfriend coat: RIVER ISLAND | Blue lace triangle bra, black vest top & black leather pants: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Very simple and understated today.  This vest top is something which my mum leant me a bit ago to wear as a pyjama top, and yet here I am.  Wearing it.  In the daytime.  I mean it is meant to be for daytime, but I don't really wear vest tops.  And by that, I mean I never wear vest tops.  They're a bit... Plain.  Saying that though, after trying this one on - for bed - I discovered that it had a lovely, loose fit and as a result would probably go really well with my blue lace bra peeking over the top.  Since buying the bra I've been after a loose top to wear over it, and then boom I found one when I wasn't even intending to.
I think the vibrant blue looks awesome with the black outfit and I added the equally bright blue coat to tie it all together.  I really like this outfit and it's always easy to just throw on.  Plus it's very much a boyish outfit but it still has that sexy, feminine factor.
I've got a week off uni this week which I am seriously thoroughly enjoying already, yippeeeeeee.

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  1. Love your trousers! xx