18 February 2013

Acid Yellow

Neon yellow jumper: TOPSHOP | Black high shine midi skirt: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE (via SCHUH)

Oh my love for this jumper is never-ending, I've had it for months and months and I still like to wear it all the time, which isn't like me at all... I thought the bright yellow colour would go perfectly with the crazy material of my new skirt, and go perfectly together they did.  The harsh black really brings out the vibrant colour of the top half and subtly matching it with a very similar yellow in the shoes ties the look together.  There's not much to this outfit really, I mean, it's a jumper, a skirt and some shoes.  Simples.  However it still has a big impact and is quite 'out there'.  Let's just say I wouldn't be blending in on an average, snowy day would I?
I bought this skirt for when I go to Paris at the end of the month and yet I've already worn it numerous times, it's bloody awesome.  A bit insane and dominatrixy, yes, but awesome all the same.  I was quite scared as a size 12 was the only one left which I thought would be too big but I really, really wanted it so I bought it and hoped for the best, and it paid off!  It fits perfectly and still has enough room to tuck a jumper into.  I don't usually tuck jumpers into skirts as it just doesn't seem to work, but thanks to the midi length of this one it definitely does.  The red lipstick is an unlikely match with the neon yellow but I think they look great together.
Hope you all had a great weekend!  I got my nipples pierced on Saturday which I've been wanting to do for ages and was actually on my 'Goals for 2013' list - tick!  It wasn't all bad and was over within a matter of minutes, and at the end I got a lolly pop and a £5 discount for being so brave, winner!  I've never been so aware of my nipples before and the shopping centre in Manchester had a bomb scare yesterday, meaning I was walking through literally hundreds and hundreds of people - protect the boobs, protect the boobs!  I did manage to dodge everyone though, just about.  Phew.I'm back to uni today after having the last couple of weeks off, booo!  I'm really fed up with university and am pretty much 100% certain I'm leaving after this year, I'm already looking for a job.  I'll go into more when it actually happens but literally every aspect of my experience has been complete and utter crap.  Best years of your life?  I bloody hope not.


  1. I've got this jumper and team it with a very similar pvc A line mini skirt.
    your skirt though is unreal, absolutely love it, I was eyeing up whilst working at asos last year, but i'm not tall enough to brave that length.
    looks amazing on you tho.

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  3. Love the colour of this jumper <3

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    And also my latest outfit post here

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com

  4. Nipple piercings? YOWCH! Sounds crud about the whole uni situation! x

  5. LOVE this look! although i dont think i would be able to pull it off as well as you do, looks amazing!
    Have a fab time in Paris it will be sooo good, and ouch about the nipple piercing- very brave!

  6. I love your jumper! You pull it off so well :)

    Amy x

  7. great outfit, lime green is one of my faves at the moment, goes so lovely with your lipstick too!!