20 August 2012

You could be happy

Thin knit jumper: ZARA | Pastel pink skinny jeans: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

These jeans used to be neon... God damn you, washing machine.  GOD DAMN YOU.  Am wearing my new favourite top.  Again.  It's so easy to wear, plus it's light, buuuut it's still a jumper, so it's easy to wear on relatively hot days like today, but you can also adapt it to when it starts to get colder.  These jeans were the easy option to wear today, although that's mainly because I don't have any tights (they rip after like five minutes of me wearing them.  EVERY. TIME.) and in today's crappy (albeit hot) weather, I thought baring my legs wasn't safe enough.  I don't think I'll wear this pair that much come next season as they're not exactly a winter-appropriate colour, but I think I will definitely invest in some different colours like dark green and deep red.
As pictured, I got the scaffold (or industrial) piercing.  Again.  I had it done aaages ago, but I ended up losing the screw-on ball for it and then I kept procrastinating to get it done again.  Well, months later, I finally did it.  Woo.  Hoo.  I am glad because it was my favourite piercing and one of the first ones I got.  I am planning to get much more in my ears, but I thought I'd start with this getting put back in.  She tried to push it back through the original holes but they'd nearly healed up and I was flinching and wincing so she decided to just pierce it again.  Am pretty sure it hurt more than the first time, but it was totally worth it.  Do you have any 'different' piercings?
Hope you all had a nice weekend!  I spent it mostly eating cheese and tomato toasties.  Definitely going through a phase where I just want them and nothing else.  Sooo good.
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  1. Huge fan of the pink jeans! Converse are my life, you look really good! xx


  2. even though they faded, the jeans still look AMAZING on you so no worries!

    Hybid Hunter | Hybid Hunter

  3. okay, you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving your style! and even though those jeans faded, they still look fabulous!!!
    xo TJ

  4. Perfect outfit! Great combination of pink and black! It's great!

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