15 August 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. So. Freaking. Cute.  And kinda' tasty looking...
2. A darker twist on the denim shirt, the perfect alternative for Autumn/Winter.
3. The cross symbol is kind of a huge thing right now on the high street, and I low how this gives a subtle nod to the texture trend.
4. I saw a gold one like this on someone on Youtube and I've been after one ever since, such a nice little detail to add to any outfit.
5. I have this exact bag right now except in a nude colour, so this would be great for next season.
6. I don't actually own a maxi skirt, but where better to start than with this one?  Plus, it's a pretty damn good price.
7. As you may or may not know, I am absolutely obsessed with tigers, so when I saw Victoria wearing this on her blog yesterday, I quickly added it to my wishlist.  Amazing item.
8. An awesome pair of earrings to add my growing jewellery collection.
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  1. i love that tiger maxi dress and the cross necklace! i would deffo love them in wardrobe.. :) x


  2. Wow!What's not to love here,honey?So glad I've found your blog!Amazing;)

  3. I have that cupcake hat.. I literally cannot wait for Autumn to start wearing it! :D

    I love that little side cross necklace too! Gret picks :)

  4. i want that hat. actually i need that hat.x

  5. that hat is just amazing.I need it!

  6. Love the maxi tiger dress :) xxx