29 August 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. Some of you will know that my pink version of this headband is my go-to statement accessory, so when this black one came in stock the other day, I just HAD to add it to my wishlist.  Such a great alternative for next season.
2. I am aiming to make my beanie collection (current count: 1) grow, and this neon pink one would be a welcomed addition.
3. I don't own anything from Urban Outfitters at the moment as I think their stuff can be a bit too pricey, but I love the back of this top.
4. From over-priced to UNDER-priced.  I expected this to be at least forty pounds, but nope, it's less than twenty.  Dark green is a favourite colour of mine in the winter, and I love cable knit jumpers, so I think it's only a matter of time before I am really naughty and purchase this...
5. My wardrobe still needs a vintage-esque over-sized denim jacket (I know, how late am I?!), and this men's one would be perfect.
6. I really like this unique piece of jewellery, just how cool is this?
7. This isn't a type of thing which I usually wear, but I instantly liked it.  I think it would be an awesome contrast to my Converse.
8. A white blazer is pretty much as necessary as a black blazer is, in my eyes.  I have been looking for one for SO LONG, and after ordering one and getting all excited, I had to send it back as it just didn't look right on me.  Disappointment!  But this one looks pretty damn perfect, and for £25?  Dayummm.  Too good to be true?
9.  OH HI COOLEST TOP I HAVE EVER SEEN.  Just, yeah, I want this.  This is my new BFF.  Love it.
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  1. I really want that Topshop skirt too! Defo going to try it on in a store though just to make sure it's flattering.

    Bemsy x