11 August 2012

I'm aching and I know you are too

Bunny sweater & blue dress: ASOS | Shoes: CONVERSE

So England is being its usual indecisive self and the weather has gone back to being hot again.  Oh, come on.  Not like it will last for more than a couple of days, but still, it's a pain.  I wore this dress last week as it's my current favourite dress and I love everything about it, so I couldn't wait to put it on again and make most of the sunshine before it quickly disappeared for a few more months.  I needed a new way to wear it, though, as last time I wore it I kept it simple and just wore the dress and Converse.  So I went for my favourite sweater and just threw it over the top.  Wham bam thank you ma'am.  Am sure I don't need to tell you why it's my favourite, but I'll tell you anyway - IT'S GOT A BUNNY ON IT, OK?  Ok.  I bought it a few months ago after wanting it as soon as I set my eyes on it.  I have two ways of buying my clothes: when I see something and I just HAVE to have it, or when I see something, really like it but don't buy it, and then end up thinking about it for the next few days so just end up buying it anyway.  
Although I was a little too hot in this sweater at times (damn you England and your unpredictable weather!), I really like the marl grey and black against the deep blue.  Plus the bunny face adds a little bit of fun to the outfit, which is always a bonus, I think.
Hope you're all having a great weekend!  I've had quite a lovely day and spent some time with my mum and we went for a nice lunch, which I pretty much just wolfed down as I didn't have chance to have breakfast.  Such a lady.  I am going to the cinemas with her tomorrow evening to watch 'Step Up 4', I kinda' lost interest after the second one so haven't seen the third, but this one looks good so that should be enjoyable.  I also watched Bridesmaids last night, and I'm probably gonna go against the majority ALL of you here, but I didn't think it was nowhere as funny as people made it out to be.  Feel free to disagree, but I've read in magazines that this was the movie that shows people that women CAN be funny, damn it, and yet I just sat there waiting for something funny to come... buuut it didn't.  The fact that it's been so hyped up wouldn't have helped, but there you go.  Still an enjoyable watch, but disappointing compared to what I believed it was going to be.  Although it did have cute puppies in it, which always helps things.
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  1. Ahh cute jumper!



  2. Ahh no wonder this is your favourite jumper! It's so cuute :) I didn't think thaat much of bridesmaids either :(

  3. Great blog, photos and I LOVE your lovely jumper and your hair.
    I invite you to know my blog, hope you like it.
    A hug from Spain, Gloria ♥

  4. The bunnie jumper is amaaazing! I might actually have to go and buy it, it's so cute.
    Your photos are all really lovely too :)