27 August 2012

I'm your fool...

White round sunglasses: ASOS | Black faux fur gilet: TOPSHOP | Floral butterfly print shirt: RIVER ISLAND | Black coated mini skirt: ZARA | Shoes: CONVERSE

Happy Monday!  I know Mondays aren't usually associated with the word 'happy', but it's a bank holiday here in the UK, so I figured I could get away with it.  The weather has been crappy this weekend, though, and has been raining non-stop apart from a tiny little period in which I took these photos.  I'm obviously not dressed for the rain but I have no tights after ripping every single pair so I thought 'SCREW IT'.  Plus, the gilet helps in making it look more appropriate for the weather, right?  Yeahhh, I thought so.
As I say every frikkin' time I wear this shirt, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SHIRT.  It is unbelievably pretty and I just want to look at it.  All. The. Time.  I thought it'd be really popular when it was on sale (March time, unfortunately!) and that I'd see it on a few blogs, like the famous floral Zara shirt from a few months back, but I've actually never seen anyone else in it.  But hey, I ain't complaining.  I think it looks really nice with pastel colours, but I went the other way today and teamed it with black items, which still bring out the colours in the shirt.  The skirt I bought from the Zara sale for a mere tenner a few weeks back, it's now my favourite skirt and I've worn it a handful of times already as it goes with everything.  'Nuff said.
I haven't done much this long weekend.  I may or may not have consumed a few cheese & tomato pizzas and chilled on the couch watching X Factor.  I know, such a wild thanggg.  I planned to go bowling last night but when we got there there were no lanes left, bad times when the one place where we can go which isn't a pub/club (no thanks) it's packed with people who should be going to said pub/clubs.  It turns out if you don't drink alcohol then you are stuck with nothing to do on a Sunday night.  THANKS SOCIETY, that seems fair...
I went to Manchester for the second time this week today, again having to restrain myself from buying loads of things.  I may have treated myself to a couple of items, but we can keep that hush hush.  Weird to think I will be living in Manchester in a few weeks, say whaaaaat?  My bank balance should be scared, very scared...
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  1. that shirt is so so pretty, I love the colours!

    Julia x

  2. Cool outfit.



  3. that shirt is just gorgeous! <3


  4. Such a great outfit.. love how you've paired the leather skirt and faux fur gilet together :}
    Love, VLL xx