23 August 2012


Black blazer: H&M | 'Ripped' vest top: TOPMAN | Skinny jeans: ZARA | Shoes: CONVERSE

So I went to Manchester shopping centre yesterday, and I have practically no money at the moment, but there were so many nice clothes in one place I nearly exploded (it happens...), so I thought 'I'll just get one thing', and what was the first thing I saw and thought 'I want it!'?  Yep, this top.  This silly, man's top, which is probably meant for the gym, but I loved it as soon as I saw it.  Plus, Topman's stuff is always cheaper than Topshop's, WHAT is that about?  I like to think this top makes me totally funny because, well, I'm not ripped, and I am a woman, so even if I was ripped, I wouldn't be big-headed enough to wear a top stating that I was.  I think it'll look great with a pleather skirt, tights and creepers next season, but for today I just went with the simple option of skinny jeans, then I added my blazer to make the outfit a bit more formal and contrast with the top.  I know the vest won't be every girl's taste (I mean, it's not even from a girl's shop...), it's not even the usual kind of thing which I go for, but it's fun and I like that.
I didn't go Manchester for shopping yesterday, I just had some time to spare, I actually went for a kind of open day thing at Manchester Met university, I missed the last open day and because it wasn't my first choice uni I didn't know much about the course (Fashion buying & merchandising, f.y.i.).  It was only a fifteen minute lecture from one of course's teachers, but it sounded pretty great and I came out feeling really positive, which is actually much better than I felt about my first choice university.  Keeping fingers crossed that I get the accommodation which I want and then everything will be done, eek!
I also went to see the new Bourne film yesterday, I haven't seen the first three so I didn't know what the story really was behind it, but I got the general gist and it was pretty good if you like your action films.  'The Watch' is next on the list I think, which I am SO looking forward to!
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  1. I love this outfit - especially your top haha! Congratulations on your course by the way - I'm sure you'll love it :)

    www.biancaallegra.com xx

  2. Ahh I really need to go and see the new Bourne film, I really like that actor thats in it.. way better than Matt Damon..ha. This top is great :)
    Hope you get the accommodation the want.

    Jo. x

  3. hiya! i have nominated you for the liebster blog awards! please take a look at the post http://rockthatchicx.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-liebster-blog-award.html and leave a comment so i know you have seen it! Let me know when your post is up too xxx