1 August 2012

Wishful Wednesday

1. I love the tied up lace detail on the front of this jumper, and the dusty pink colour is lovely.  Perfect with grey and white pieces in the winter, or with a black mini skirt and a beanie hat for a chic look.
2. This bracelet would add an interesting little twist to any outfit.
3. These shoes are scarily impractical, and I really don't need the extra height, but I simply cannot get these babies out of my head.  Amazing.
4. I love studs.  On collars, on pockets, on shoulders.  Hell, why not put them on my wrist, as well?
5. If there's one thing I want for A/W '12, it's a faux leather skater skirt.  I've seen  them popping up in lots of high street stores recently, but this Ark one was the first one which I spotted, and still continues to be the cheapest.  Great with a white tee and red lipstick.
6. I am all for camo print lately and cannot get enough of my Topshop camoflauge jacket, so as soon as I saw these I couldn't resist adding them to my wishlist.  They would look great with pretty much anything, and I can't help imagining wearing them with the pink jumper.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for my bank account, they're not in stock yet, but I have to keep checking every day because I have a feeling these won't be in stock for long.
7.  Rather than wearing jumpers/cardigans all the time jackets make an awesome alternative.  And with H&M's unbelievable prices you can't really go wrong with this one.
8. I am going to have to get rid of my 'summer bag' at some point and invest in a more winter appropriate one, i.e. this one.  I really like the unusual colour, and the satchel style is timeless.
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  1. I really really want a pair of flatform ankle boots as well even though they would make me a giant :( but there so lovely I might just have to risk it and tower over everyone :) Love the stud bracelet as well , I'm a bit stud obsessed at the moment too xx

  2. seriously want those cameo trousers, and the skater skirt! <3


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