28 August 2012


Floral spike headand: TOPSHOP | Grey studded shoulder top: GLAMOROUS via ARK | Black coated skater skirt: RIVER ISLAND | Velvet dino flatform shoes: ASOS

 I have been after a pleather skirt for so long.  I know there was a pleated Primark one which the majority of UK-based bloggers have, but the snob inside of me has never let me be much of a Primark girl, I much prefer to shop myself into debt by shopping in Topshop.  Yeah, quite a dangerous habbit... This one was only £20(!) though, so it was only a matter of time before I caved in and bought this one, as opposed to all the others which are popping up in lots of different high street stores at the moment.  I've already seen a couple of bloggers wearing this one, so am sure it will be a big hit amongst, well, everyone.  Hello, did I mention it is only twenty pounds?!  Even if using your last twenty pounds means you have no food for a while, it's okay, because you will wear this with pretty much everything.  With tights, without tights, whatever the weather, just wear it.  I have planned numerous outfits in my head already, and I only bought it yesterday.
Another thing which I purchased yesterday is this top.  I've only ever shopped online at Ark before, so I decided to go into their actual store in Manchester, but I only ended up liking, well, about half of their stock, actually.  Their prices are pretty amazing compared to usual Topshop prices.  I spotted a Levi's sleeveless denim jacket which I just wanted to grab and run away with, but I set myself a budget so I decided on this Glamorous top.  I've never shopped at Glamorous before, only some online window shopping, but what better thing to start with than a studded top?  Everyone and their mother has a studded item at the moment, and this is actually my first one.  Say whaaat?  They were a couple of different colours but I settled on this one as it was the first one I saw, plus grey goes with pretty much everything.
I thought the shoes and the headband were nice little additions to the outfit as I never like to look too, er, dark?  The pink flowers add just the right amount of girlieness to the outfit.  I've seen a black version of it online and I really, REALLY want it...
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  1. Oh wow I love this outfit! I thought it was a dress from far away but I love the studs and the colour of those shoes and that headband! Very Lana Del Rey! And I know what you mean about that Primark skirt! I wanted it for ages and never had it in my size then all the other UK bloggers got it and it sort of lost its novelty. My inner snob is still looking for one in Topshop!

    Gemma x


  2. i can't belive you're not a little primark lady! but amen to you for affording topshop and whatnot! ha! Primark is all I can afford right about now!
    love the top, i wish i could pull something off like this!xx

    1. I know I feel like I am missing out on something! I've only tried looking in there once but I couldn't find a thing, yet so many people find goodies in there! I can't actually afford it I keep getting overdrafts, oops...

  3. wow wow wow, i love that top! amaaazing shoes as well ;) xx


  4. Haha yeah I never really shopped much at Primark when I was in England either, I preferred to frequent the sales section in Topshop because their stuff was always way more unique. I like the skirt tho, and the studs look awesome next to the flowers!


  5. Skirt is gorgeous such a staple peice, love the flash of colour from the headband and shoes to! xx

  6. I really love your studded t-shirt and those velvet flatforms are LUSH :)

    Jo. x

  7. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy